Thursday, 23 September 2021

How to keep employees motivated and engaged?

 Motivation is known to play a major role in keeping the performance of the employee high and keeping them engaged in the organizational work. Hiring a talent is not sufficient for an organization, they also need to keep the employee motivated and encouraged to do best of their performance.

In order to achieve all the success, the organization is required to hire the best talent and then keep them motivated and engaged in the organizational work. Hiring talent is simply half of the challenge completed by the organization. The organization can get success after overcoming another half of the challenge that is keeping talent encouraged in order to retain their talent and get success in the long run.

For many organizations, they do not know how to keep the motivation level of the employees high. Here in this guide, we are listing you some proven method adopted by top businesses in order to keep the employees motivation level high and keep them engaged in the organizational work. The below listed methods will help the organization to extract the best performance from the employees along with keeping them satisfied in the work place as well. These methods for keeping the employee motivation level high are as follows:

 The motivation campaign should be start from the senior leadership level

For any company to keep their employees motivated and encouraged, the senior leadership team requires to take the action and start encouraging the junior employees to give best of their performance. In order to keep the employees motivated, the company needs to learn that the employee motivation can be initiated by the top most leadership team and they require taking action in order to motivate and encourage employees for the best performance.

In order to take first action toward increasing the employee motivation, the company via the leader team should approach the employee, listen their problem, stay with them when they are struggling, and motivate them verbally to perform the best of their performance.

The company need to be in regular touch of their employees, they requires to converse with them in regular basis in order to understand their expectations, requirements, and the grievances. The regular conversation and listening to the employees will help in creating positive vibes for the employees and this will directly impact on the contribution and the productivity of the employee in positive sense.

Trust your employee, talk to them, listen them, let them know the company’s expectation, listen their expectation, let them know the company’s value, and then increase their confidence and commitment for more productivity and performance.

Pay more attention on the workplace aesthetic

A employee requires to spend more tha half of their day in the workplace. Thus the well maintained furniture with positive vibes and aesthetic feel is required in order to keep the employee motivated and full of passion.

A simple, dark work place with mediocore furniture will make the life of the employee monotonous and thus impact negatively on their performance as well.

The well maintained and well presented work place is crucial for the positive impact on the mental as well s the physical health of the employee and thus make them more passionate for the work.

In order to enhance the aesthetic of the workplace, make sure it is having enough lighting, it should be clean and hygienic with fragrances, must be having a lot of windows and carpet areas and natural touch.

The equipments of the office need to be in proper functioning and optimal condition. The slow computer and poor internet connection often impacts negatively on the performance of the employee increasing their frustration and thus decreasing their productivity.

Supportive work environment

When the employees feel being supported in the work place, they will be more passionate and motivated for the organization work. The company should not only command all the time, but should also listen the expectation and the grievances of the employees and ensure them to take action accordingly.

The positive and supportive culture impacts much on the performance of the employee keeping them more motivated and passionate for the work. Always the company should give the fair response to the employees expectation and the grievances. 

Respect their loyalty and the talent

Respect is the major factor that plays a significant role in keeping the motivation level of the employee high. Whenever the employees feel respected for their talent and the loyalty to the company, they will be more boost up to enhance their performance and thus get better appreciation.

Focus more on teamwork

It is not possible for the company to handle all the projects, challenges, and milestones all alone. They will need a dedicated team to perform all the task. Thus they should focus on teamwork. And, since the entire  team engaged  in achieving the success for the organization, after the success, the company should give the credit to the company as well. Not only the leader, but the entire team should be appreciated for the good work.

Make sure that all the employees are satisfied

Satisfaction is essential for being motivated. When the employees are not satisfied from the job, company should not expect them to work and perform high. First the company should make their staff satisfied from all the aspects from their job, whether it is salary, or any other issues, make them fully satisfied from the company. This will impact majorly on their productivity and performance.

Appreciate them, reward them

Appreciation and reward is very important to maintain the motivation level in the employees. The company can once motivate the team to performa high. But without rewarding them and appreciating them, they will no longer be able to keep their employees motivation high. Thus regular appreciation and rewards is essential for employee motivation.

The bottom line

So these are some methods to keep the employee motivated and dedicated for the organizational work! 



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