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How to set up a business account on Instagram?

 As per the report by Instagram, roughly more than 1 billion peoples stays active on Instagram monthly and this categorized the Instagram under the niche of social networking platform. Instagram these days is one among the popular and fastest growing social network loved by millions of users and thus provides the opportunities to the businessmen for networking their business as well.

So with Instagram, all the organization is going to have the great social networking platform in order to promote their business. If you are a business man and still have not set your business account on Instagram, then what are you waiting for? Set your business account on Instagram now and start networking and marketing your business now.

Instagram is all about sharing pictures and videos. On Instagram, you will get the option to share the graphically rich pictures and the success story related your products or the business and market your products as well the services.

For all the business men from the digital era, it is advised to set up your business account and take your business to the new heights. In the case, when you do not know, how to set up a business account on Instagram? And, how to use the Instagram business accounts? Following is the complete step by step instructions for taking the advantage of Instagram business account for the promotion and marketing of the business.

How to create a business account on Instagram?

Before learning the way to create a business account on Instagram and to use it for the promotion of the products and services, it is recommended to first have a business account on Facebook. In order to take full advantage of the business account on Instagram, you will need to have a facebook business account.

Following are some steps to create a business account on Instagram and how to use this account for the business purpose:

Download the Instagram app

In order to have the business account on Instagram, first you will need to have the applications. Open your Play store or the App store and search for the Instagram application right on the search bar. Now select the Instagram app and get it downloaded and installed in your system.

Set up your account on Instagram

For having an account on Instagram, you will need to have an email address. Using your business email address, create your business account on Instagram.

Create a username and profile

The next step after setting up the account, you will need to choose a perfect username and the password for your Instagram account. It is recommended to use the name of the company as the user name of the account.

Pick you’re a perfect profile picture

The profile picture of your business account on Facebook should be the logo of the business or related to your business. If you are not having any logo for your business, then upload any of the picture related to the business. Make sure youa re not uploading your personal pictures. Since this account is related to the business and not the personal account, so avoid putting any of your selfie or personal picture.  

Complete your profile

The next step is to complete your profile. Fill all your details, bio and other information fields as required. Summarize your business in your bio, and try giving the best of your business details in limited words. 

 Search for the Facebook friends and the contacts

After creating your profile and setting up your account, you will be asked to find the friends to follow from Facebook or from the contacts. Before following your Facebook or contacts friends or any others, it is good to have your profile completed with a profile picture and two posts at least.      

Now the business part

The above mentioned steps were all for creating the business account on Instagram. Now it’s time to learn how to use the business account on Instagram for the business purpose.

Link your business facebook page

As mentioned above, in order to fully use the Instagram account for the business purpose, you will need to have the Business Facebook page. In this step, link your business facebook page with the Business Instagram account.

Start posting your business related stuffs

In order to successfully use your Instagram business account, there is need that you are regularly posting some stuff related to your business from your business Instagram account. You can either post pictures, or videos, share the products or the services, their quality, customer satisfaction videos, success story, and many more on your Instagram account for business.

Never forget to write captions and use the hastags

Make sure the caption you are writing is brief but having heavy meaning. Always use hastags in order to make your post popular. Always while posting any of the content, always use more specific hastags targeting to the specific niche. Also, make sure to keep the hastags in limit and does not let it come in spam by using dozens of hostages per post.

Be social and follow more peoples back

Whenever any person follows your business account, you should follow them back. Along with this, also start following people from your facebook friend list, contacts, and many more.

Define your brand story

After creating and done with all the stuffs as mentioned above for the Instagram business account, now it’s time to make your account specific for your business only. Post stories related to your business and spread the positive perception related t your business.

Link with other professional accounts

After getting your Instagram account established, connect it with other business accounts like LinkedIn etc.

The bottom line

So these are all about the strategy you should go with in order to create a business account on Instagram!  



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