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Types of business communication

The communication system in a business plays the role of heart in the success of the company. A proper communication system is required in order to keep all the organizational processes, performances, and the production optimum. The effectiveness of the communications impacts majorly on the performance of the company and it plays major role in deciding the happiness of the employees and the relationship of the company with its employees as well as clients. Thus it plays a major role in the brand identity and the net earnings of the company. 

Despite of their major role in the performance, production, and the over all success of the company, still more than 57% companies in US are not having an effective and dedicated communication system. And, a survey also suggests that more than 60% companies in US are not evaluating the outcomes of their internal communication system.

Due to poor communication system, more than 65% employees and the staff of the company stays disengaged or are not getting proper information regarding what is happening in the company? what project the company is working on?, what is their role in the company?

The poor communication system in the company is not only making the staff disengaged, but is also hampering the success of the company and is also the reason for the increase in the stress level among the employees. 

In order to improve the communication system in the company, there is first need to understand types of communication. Here in this  guide, we are going to discuss on types of business communication.

Types of business communication

There are majorly four types of business communication. These are:

  1. Upward business communication
  2. Downward business communication
  3. Lateral business communication
  4. External business communication

Upward business communication

Upward communication is a type of business communication that moves from downside to up side. In the form of reports, the information in upward communication comes from the employees level to the manager and from mangers to top level executives or the owners of the company. The upward communication helps the top level officers, executives, or the directors of the company to keep their eye on what is going on in the company.

Pros of upward business communication:

Since the information moves from the down staff level to the higher managers and in the end to the top directors of the company, this helps the top executives or the directors of the company to understand and know the demand of the employees of the company. This will make the directors to assist their employees and this will help the employees to feel valued and thus will give their best efforts for the growth of the company.  

It will help the management to identify all the issues generating in the lower staff level early before it worse.

This type of communication helps the employees to share their innovative ideas with the company chiefs and this will help the company grow faster.

The upward communication system in the company helps in fostering a harmonious and friendly atmosphere where all the employees are free to share their ideas and thus contribute in the faster growth of the company.

Downward business communication

It is another kind of business communication where the information flows from the higher executive team to the mangers teams and from managers to the employees.  In this communication system, the information flows in a predetermined hierarchy form from the top level to down.

Pros of Downward business communication

The downward business communication provides the best pathway for transferring the essential information like explanation for the complex issues, instructions, change in the policy of the company, new rules, any other operation details and many more. This communication types helps disseminating the necessary information to all the employees in the downward flow.

In the downward communication types, the manager will be empowered to carry on the required and the appropriate authority.

This communication type helps the company to easily reinforce the company specific rules, standards, and disciplinary consequences in order to uphold the compliance.

The downward communication system is an easy delegation of the basic responsibilities.   

Lateral business communication

The lateral business communication is another kind of business communication where the information moves across different employees and the departments of same status within the institution. In this kind of business communication system, the information moves from one employee to other employees and from one department to other department of equal status.

Pros of lateral business communication

The lateral communication system is also essential in a company for sharing the information, for solving several problems, and for coordination of all the organizational tasks.

The importance of lateral business communication increase several more times in large organizations where there is need to maintain the interdepartmental coordination.

Lateral communication is business is helpful in synthesizing organic communication system that serves as a morale boosting and rapid communication system.

This type of communication is required for eliminating conflicts and misunderstanding between employees.

It is helps in providing the social as well as emotional support to the employees.

External business communication

The external business communication is a type of communication for moving the information from the inside of the company to outer parties like customers, vendors, clients, investors, prospects, sponsors, partners, regulatory bodies, lawmakers, consultants, the media, and general public.

Pros of external business communication

When performed well, the external communication helps in creating a positive image of the company in public which is more desirable to attract more customers and stakeholders.

It is essential for maintaining the relationship of the company with the customers.

Better the external business communication, better will be the reputation of the company among customers and the public.

The bottom line

So these are major types of business communication! 



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