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What are the 7 Barriers to effective communication?

 Communication is common in every day. We use to communicate with different people whether in workplace or at home in order to convey our message or to receive the message from the other’s side.

There are different methods of communication that includes the communication via conversation, body language, expression, email, messages, social media, telephone, and many more.

But while communicating, sometimes it becomes difficult to convey our message or to understand the message given by others. These difficulties are arises due to the barriers in the communication. For example, it becomes difficult for use to convey our message to the person from other culture and country with different language. This is due to language barrier. Along with language barriers, there are several more barriers as well.

Today here in this guide, we are going to discuss on different barriers in the effective communication.

7 barriers to effective communication

Following listing are the 7 barriers to the effective communication:

Though there are several methods of communication other then the verbal one, still sometimes it becomes difficult to communicate effectively. The difficulties that arise in the effective communication are known as communication barriers. Following are the 7 different kind of communication barriers:

Physical barriers

These are barriers having their physical evidence and when they hinder the communication, they are counted among physical barriers. The example for the physical communication barriers to the effective communication includes doors, sound proof glasses, marked out territories, empires, working area separated from others, etc.       

When two persons belongs from different territories and not allowed to converse, this hindrance in the communication is counted under the physical barrier to the effective communication.

Also, the sound proof glass between two individuals prevent them communicate effectively unless they are having some other facility like mobile, text messaging system, etc. 

In the same manner, the working area separated from the other area is having their own small communication system and it provides a physical barrier while communicating the people from outside the area.

Perceptual barrier

This is not a physical barrier but a virtual one which arises due to the low confidence and poor communication skills. This barrier generally works when the person is communicating with a stranger or a person seems to be from other culture, other country, or other world.

A person can communicate freely with those they are not feeling shy, like friends, family, colleagues. Etc.  But when it comes to communicate with some foreign clients, the person will good communication skills can only manage to communicate effectively. Others with low confidence might not feel comfortable and thus unable to convey their message and understand the message from the client’s side as well.

Dissatisfaction, lack of trust, and opaqueness

When there is dispute between some, the communication will be less effective. In the case of lack of trust, dissatisfaction, opaqueness, the one will not be ready to listen or trust the words by the other and thus poor communication.

This is also a kind of virtual or perceptual communication barrier where one person or both the person do not have faith on each other and are not ready to listen to each other.

This kind of barrier prevents the individual to explain their perspective and the dispute continues. For example, when one person is dissatisfied from any product, he or she will not trust the company and will not even try to understand the company’s prospective. This kind of hindrance is counted under communication barrier arises due to dissatisfaction, lack of trust, and lack of transparency.

Language barrier

It is most common kind of communication barrier where one person from different language style unable to convey their message to the other and unable to understand the message from the other’s side as well.

For example, when an Indian person who knows only Hindi tries to talk with a France citizen who knows only the French language, the communication is not going to be effective. Both the individuals will not be able to convey their messages unless they are not having any translator. This kind of hindrance in communication is counted under the language barrier.           

This communication barrier is common among peoples belonging from different countries. With different languages, individuals often fail to convey their message and understand the message by others and thus the poor communication.

 Cultural barrier

The cultural barrier is another kind of communication barrier where one person unable to make other people understand their culture. For example, a person having faith in god will not be able to understand their prospective related to god to the person not having faith on the god.

The same communication barrier will occur in the persons belonging to different culture. The person having faith in one religion often fails to understand the prospective of the person believing in another religion. This kind of hindrance in the communication is known as cultural barrier.

Gender barriers

This might be sound unreal, but actually there is gender barriers also that makes the communication futile. Both men and women are having different communication style and speech.

Scientifically, women use both the sides of their brains while communicating. In the other side, men only use the left side of their brain while communicating. This is the reason why men often talks logically while the women mixes up logics and emotions.

Also, sometimes a man with good communication skills might become under confident in front of a woman and thus fail to communicate effectively. The same can happens to the women as well.

Interpersonal barriers

This is communication barrier between the peoples with no interpersonal relationships. Also, those with dispute in the past will also not communicate effectively.

The bottom line

So these are 7 communication barriers that makes the communication futile!  

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