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What are the advantages of paid version of Gmail over the free gmail?

 As per the report by Google, more than 425 millions of people all around the world are having their account on Gmail and they have been using the advantage of the free web email service. Out of this number, several million free gmail accounts belong to free gmail service. Millions of the businesses all around the world are using the free Gmail web service in order to contact their customers and other clients, and for dealing with other businesses.

Though the free service by Gmail is up to a standard, but Google is also selling the paid version of Gmail as well with advanced features and several more advantages. The Google is selling a complete set of Google apps as a part of their online productivity suite at the rate of US $ 5 per month per user. There are several benefits of using the paid version of gmail over the free gmail account.

Now the question arise, why a business should go for paid gmail account instead of working with the free gmail account? Here in this guide, we are going to list you some of the advantages that a business is going to have with the paid gmail account and will make the money spend on the paid gmail worthy.

Customized email address

The first and the foremost advantage of having a paid gmail account is the personalized email account. With the paid version of the gmail, the user will get the option to personalize their gmail ass per their company’s name in the format of

The free version of the gmail account will only allows the company to create their email id as while with the paid version of the gmail, users can create their personalized gmail account as . This is going to look more professional as well will be more appealing and attract more number of clients and the customers as well. For just 5US$, you company is going to have their own personalized professional looking Gmail account which offers a great professional and appealing look to your company. This is why, having the paid version of gmail at such an affordable cost is worthy for increasing your brand value.

Sure uptime

Google is going to guarantee you for the 99.9% sure uptime with the paid version of the gmail. This means, with the paid version of the gmail, you will be get the service for 24 * 7 without any issues, fails, and also the unexpected outages will be even less than 9 hours every year. But with the free version of the gmail account, you are not going to have any similar guarantee from the Google team. Though the free version of the gmail web service works well and does not encounter any of the issue, still having the guarantee with the paid version is worthy.

The storage will be double

This is another great advantage that comes with the paid version of the Gmail. With the free gmail account, users will get only 15 GB of storage, while by paying just 5 US $, you will going to have double the storage that is 30GB. The paid Gmail account will never make you run out of the storage. Now with the paid gmail account, you are not need to worry for deleting the old important emails. And, if you want more storage, by paying just 10 US $, you will going to have unlimited storage with the gmail account. Though for those companies, who are using gmail more for sending documents, etc, storage do not play much important role. But when you need to deal with the video via the gmail service, storage is going to matter much.

24 * 7 support

The support for 24 * 7 hours by the Google team is another huge incentive comes with the paid version of the gmail account. Though with the free gmail version, the users will get the option to access the Google docs, Google slides, and the Google sheets, but in the case when you stuck with some issues, you are not going to have any number to call on and come out of the web. The paid version of the Google suite app will give you with a customer care number where the team executive from the Google team will always be available for you 24 * 7 in order to listen to your complaints and work on it to get you out of it and help you get your desired work done.

No ads

Advertisement are one of the annoying thing that comes with the free version of the Gmail. Though the free gmail account will cost you nothing but is going to waste much of your time and will frustrate you with advertisements.

The paid version of the gmail is going to give you the peace of mind as well by distracting you less from the annoying advertisements. The free gmail account will target any of the keyword in your inbox and will keep sending you tiny ads.

Google app marketplace

Those businesses that are using the free version of gmail will not get the option to install any third party application from the Google app marketplace. Though, the companies are allowed to buy these apps directly from the software producers, but will be going to miss the two major advantages.

One is the advantage of the swapping information. With the connected apps, one can easily swap the information with the gmail. Whether you are using CRM for the monitoring the emails to the customers or want to share some contact details using the quoting software, the paid version of the gmail makes it easy for you by automatically sharing the data between two online programs and thus help you save more time.

The second benefit is that with the paid version of gmail, the user can launch any of the connected app from within the Google apps. This benefit will prevent you from the requirement of recording separate login credentials. Just spread it all over your employee and enjoy the security as well as the productivity.

Sync gmail to Microsoft outlook

Outlook by Microsoft is another popular email client in the world. With the paid version, you can sync all your contacts and emails between gmail paid version and the Microsoft outlook.

The bottom line

So these are some advantages that makes paying for the paid gmail version worthy.     


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