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What are the signs of troubled employees?

 With the growth of the business, the company requires to hire more staff. And, as the volume of staff grows, there company requires to do more efforts in order to manage the big team. Clashes in perspectives, beliefs, and behaviors are inevitable. But the company having the ability to manage all of these is more likely to be successful.

But a single bad employee can cost the entire company and may lead  to big loss or the poor productivity of the organization. The troubled employees that reduces the performance of the company are of two types. One that used to be good employee but now due to some personal problems are performing bad. And, other are those who are difficult to work with or who are difficult to train.

When the employee is good in the past but now due to some personal problem is performing poor, the company should assist them tackle with their problem. The employees once a good performing is always a asset for the company. Even in their bad days, the company should help them in order to polish their performance and make them perform well again. But the employees who are resistant to work should be fired and not allowed to ruin the company.

But the question arise how to recognize the troubled employees. Following the signs of the employees who used to perform well but now performing poor and the signs of problemed employees who are difficult to train.

 Signs of troubled employee with prior good performance:

Change in working behavior

It includes

  • Change in the work performance of the employee like facing difficulties in meeting the deadlines or making more frequent errors
  • Poor concentration
  • Seems to be more tired and less interested in participating in the team activities
  • Focusing more on personal time like more time on personal calls

Poor punctuality

  • Late arrival and early leaving
  • More excuses
  • Frequent offs on Monday or Friday

Bad behavior or poor relationship with colleagues

  • Irritable behavior
  • Over reactive and over sensitive
  • Defensive, suspicious, blaming
  • Harsh, yelling, and bullying behavior
  • Avoiding co workers


  • Borrowing money from others or asking for advances
  • Accidents

How to deal with such troubled employees?

These employees might not be performing currently but were once assets to the company. All they need  is a polish and they will perform well again. The company leader should communicate with such troubled employees, ask them about their personal issues. In the case when the employee is facing the financial problem, company can help them with advances, or help them with loan, etc. Assisting the asset employee in their troubled time will make them more loyal to the company and they will start working and performing well with all their will.

What are the sign of resistant, troubled employees?

The resistant troubled employees are those who are difficult to train, difficult to work with, and can not be handled. They are not asset infect are harmful for the growth of the companies. The sign of such employees are:

Poor performance

This is the first sign of the troubled resistant employee is that they perform poorly. Might be because of their over confidence or the laziness, they often failed to meet the deadlines, and unable to meet the expectations of the company.      

These employees never learn from their errors and repeat the same errors and carelessness. They never take advices form their colleagues and never obey their team leader.

Less interested in team works

For every company, team work is the key to success. It is quite difficult to achieve the success single handedly. But the troubled employees often seem to be less interested in team work or they interact very less with their team members. They participate very less in the team activities and often diminish or degrade the values and motivation of the team. 

Instead of spreading positivity among the team members, these employees waste their times in de-motivating the team members, spread rumors about other colleagues, company, or any other persons.

Resistant attitude

All the employees are hired because of their some prior knowledge and skills. But it is not possible that every employee is perfect. All of them requires some training in order to understand the working pattern, the value of the company, the goal, and many more.

The troubled employees are difficult to train and they never believe in learning new skills. They take all the training sessions, skill enhancement sessions, and other training seminars lightly and never focus on enhancing their skills.

No matter how the company make efforts to train these employees, they always because of their over confident or the lazy behavior, stay resistant to the training and thus the performance of these employees are very less likely to enhanced.

Resist changes

For a company, it is essential that they evolve with time and bring changes. But the troubled employees will always resist the changes. Whether it is investment in new technology or changes in the regulations and work pattern, the troubled employees always seems to be troubled from the changes.

Never take the responsibility for the failure

This is another big sign of troubled employees. They always blame other for their failure. The troubled employee never admit their responsibility for the failure  or the loss of any project. Instead of learning from the mistakes and errors, they keeps blaming others. 

How to deal with such troubled employees?

When you observe any of the above mentioned habits in your newly hired employees, it is indicator that you should replace these insincere and dishonest employees and invest more time in finding the perfect candidate for the post.

The bottom line

So this is a complete guide on how to deal with two different kind of troubled employees!  



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