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What changes does COVID – 19 pandemic brings in business sector?

 The COVID – 19 virus has changed the entire world and the lifestyle of almost all the peoples. But this pandemic has the highest impact on the business sector. It has significantly changes the business industry. Budgets have frozen, events have cancelled, and it has significantly changes the behaviour of most of the customers.

Some reports suggest that the pandemic has changed the behaviour of more than 86% of customers. Customers are switching more to online shopping and are also adopting several measures in order to avoid the contamination of COVID – 19 virus.

Following we are listing the changes that the COVID – 19 pandemic has brought in the business sectors:

The changes brought by COVID – 19 Pandemic in business sector

Here are top 8 changes that COVID – 19 pandemic bring in business sector:


Even the top rated advancement in the technology has not done the digitalization that the COVID – 19 pandemic has done. Now the customers are no more making queues outside the shops or gathers in the mall for shopping as well as buying grocery purpose. Customers these days are more focused on online and digital shopping without being in contact with other peoples and thus reducing the chances of being contracted by the deadly virus.

This change in the customer behaviour forces all the businesses to go online and start their ecommerce platform. The companies instead of focusing on developing their showrooms or other infrastructures are now more focused on making their ecommerce or website attractive in order to give their customers immersive experience digitally.        

Also, the events and seminar that were used to be happened offline are now conducting online. Staffs and other peoples attend the events and the seminar online via their group video calling software.

More demand of Direct-to-customers

With the digitalization of the shops, now the manufactures are marketing their products directly to the customers without the interference of the middle man. This contributed significantly in reducing the Marketing Retail Price of the product along with the increased profit margin of the manufacturing or the retail company.

Since the DTC (Direct to customers) has significantly reduced the cost of the products, the customers are more in demand of the DTC and eliminating the margin of the middleman.

With DTC, the companies are also cutting out the margin of the middleman and help them build stronger customer relationships, and provide them more competitive prices along with more profit as well.

Direct to customers brand ranges from wide variety including from the beauty to the biotech, and it has gained much prominence after the COVID – 19 crises. The trend of DTC is going to be increase more and more as more people know about the DTCs.

New working pattern

Since in the COVID – 19 crises, all the offices, companies, organizations, and businesses were closed, this gave rise to the new working pattern in the industry. In order to avoid the loss of organizational processes when the market were shut down, most of the businesses adopted to work digitally from their homes.

All the employees these days are having equipments like computers, smart phones, etc in order to work from home. The meetings and other seminars hs also started conducting online via the group video calls. Now the companies are adopting digital working pattern right from the recruiting processes to organizing meetings etc.    

This new working pattern is reported to be more convenient and now the employees can perform the same tasks from their homes without sweaty commutes.

Targeted sustainable growth

The COVID – 19 pandemic has resulted in frozen budget and financial crisis in almost every small or medium sized company. This makes the companies to reconsider their business strategy and target more on sustainable growth. Now the companies instead of wasting the fund on less important, are spending the funds on customer satisfaction, customer acquisition, and customer retentions.

For example, instead of spending the fund on showing big ads on TV, the companies are switching to less expensive but effective digital marketing and digital promotion techniques.

More local brands

There was time when the people used to believe only on the top rated brands and companies. But after the COVID – 19 crisis, might be the act of showing humanity, or convenience, now the demand for local brands are increasing more.

Peoples these days are more into buying the grocery or any other products from their nearby sellers instead of going to the super markets. Also, the peoples are supporting the local businesses more. They are simply promoting the small businesses by their small acts like ordering food from the small nearby family run business, joining the online gym classes from the local instructor etc.   

Data driven planning

The COVID – 19 pandemic virus has increased the trend of data driven business planning. Now the businesses are making data centered small term or long term strategies in order to gain the max of the profit.

Written communication and more documentation work

Another changes brought by the COVID – 19 pandemic in the business world is the increase in the trend of written communication. The colleagues are now having more written communication related to businesses via text messages, app messages, emails, etc.

Increased labor demand

In COVID – 19 pandemic time, most of the labor leave to their house. This has significantly decreased the supply of the labor and thus has increased their demands.

 The bottom line

So these are some changes that the COVID – 19 pandemic virus has done in the business world. Now the business landscape seems to be very different from the older one. Though the changes were adopted in emergency time, but now the changes seems to be settled well and are sounding more convenient and worthy for businesses.



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