Friday, 15 October 2021

Advantages and disadvanatges of smartphone in business

 Smart phones in today’s smart era are considered to be the fastest and the most rapidly growing technology. They are helpful in variety of ways in day to day life. It is smart phone that help us approach or contact our loved ones regardless of where we are. With smart phones, one can easily call others and stay in contact. Not only calling, smart phone is having many more features and several applications helpful in easing our day to day life.

Smart phones can functions from simple alarm clock, calculator, notebook, telephone, message sending device, to internet browsing, social media activities, setting up schedule in the calendars, and many more.

These Smart phone are great for operating and performing several kind of business activities as well. Like, one can easily manage online meetings, accounting, billing, invoice making, complex calculations, online marketing and even the online business.

Smart phones are emerging up as a great boon for the businessman as now they can simple operate several of their business activities on phone only. Mobiles are mobile and thus can be access anywhere no matters where you are. Whether you are in office, or on vacation, in the case of necessity, you can simple start your phone and get your work down. Whether you are in need to search something on internet or want to calculate something, the smart phone is always well equipped to help you with several features. A smart phone is having multiple features of calculator, calendar, internet browser, and off course the calling and messaging. Along with the pre installed features, the users are allowed to install several more applications as well in order to improve the utility of the smart phone.

Several applications related to the business activities like accounting, book keeping, billing, invoice making, and several management, and performance monitoring applications are easily available on the play store app or the Google store. One can easily get these applications installed in their smart phone ans start using their mobile in business activities.

And, the social media on smart phone is another great advantage helping the business man to market their products anytime, anywhere, right from their smart phone.

Along with several advantages, in the case of misuse, these advantages can turn into disadvantages. Here in this guide, we are listing some of the advantages and the disadvantages of the smart mobile phone.         

What are the advantages of the smart phone?

Following are some major advantages of having the smart phone for a business man:

Organize the business activities

One among the best feature of the smart android as well as apple phone is that they can easily schedule your business time and organize all your business activities. They are well equipped with applications helping the business man in maintaining their schedule and it also keep reminding the user for the upcoming events. This helps in easy maintaining of the business activities and help the business man to manage their day to day business activities more efficiently.

Remote working

The best part of the smart android as well as other smart phones is that is allows for the remote working as well. With the help of video calling apps, calling apps, text message apps, emails, and many more, one can easily manage their business work remotely over calls only. The communications is well improved by the innovation of the smart phone and this aids much in the business activities.

Everything on finger tips

Want to buy new laptop for the business, simple open your smart phone and order one from the well recognized online shopping website. The product ill be deliver you in very less time and start working.

Not only for ordering the products from online shopping website, instead you can itself also create your own online business website or the application and start selling online. The smart phone allows the business man to easily operate the activities of their online business easily right on their finger tips. The business man can easily accept order from their smart phone, create the online invoice, and many more with the help of the smart phone.

Online payments

Another benefit of the smart phone is the online payment. Yes, now the business man does not need to visit the bank regularly for even the small payments. One can easily pay the bills, rents, the salary of the employees, or can easily accept the payment right from their mobile smart phone. There are several recognized mobile payment applications that can help the business man to pay or receive the payment easily on their finger tips.

Social marketing and stay up to date with social media

The social media can be accessed via internet on the smart phone helps the business man to stay up to date about the latest market trends and one can easily market their products and service as well on the social media apps.

Business software

 There are several business software on the smart phone that will ease the business activities. Business involves several repetitive tasks that one can easily get done with the help of smart phones.

Save time

This is the major benefit of the smart phone. When you need to do some office work, starting the laptop can be more time consuming. With the smart phone, when can easily get it done instantly and easily.

What are the disadvantages of the smart phone?

Like others thing in the world, smart phones are also having some disadvantages as well. These are:

Time wastage

It is disadvantage only when you misuse the smart phone and keep spending much of your time on smart phone games, or social media.

Compromised work life balance

The smart phone allows the person to keep your business available for 24 hours and this can disturb your work life balance as well.

The bottom line

So these are some advantages and the disadvantages of the smartphone for business!



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