Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Advantages of having Instagram for businesses

 Instagram is an emerging social platform and is proving to be beneficial for businesses as well. This social network has been using by the businesses for promoting and enhancing their sales. With more than 1 billion active users every month and 500 million active users every day, Instagram is emerging as a great social media platform ideal for promotion and the marketing of any kind of business.

Instagram has expanded much since when it was originated in 2010, and this why it has been becoming the preferences of many businesses and organization for the marketing purposes. All the small, medium, and large sized businesses are now starting reacting positively to the instagram as a rapidly growing social platform and thus prefer it for marketing their products and services.

Now almost 90% businesses in the world are having their business account on instagram and they has been utilizing this platform for promoting and running several marketing campaigns for their brand awareness.

Since so many businesses are already on Instagram, there must be reason why Instagram is becoming more popular among businesses and for promotional work. And, Yes, it is true, instagram is having several advantages over different platforms allowing to run successful marketing campaigns for brand awareness.

Are you still not having the account for your business on Instgram? You are missing a lot for your business. There are several advantages that businesses are finding on Instagram social media platform. Here in this guide, we are presenting you some of the major advantages that businesses are enjoying on Instagram.

What are the advantages of having a business account on Instagram?

Following are some major advantages that you will get on creating your business account on Instagram. These are:

Sales power

The best advantage of the Instagram for the businesses is its sales power. Do you know that almost 1/ 3 rd users on Instagram are using it for purchasing and for online shopping? With such a high sales powers, most of the businesses are preferring having their business account on Instagram.

 As mentioned with much population has been using the Instagram for online shopping, this means having a business account on Instagram will help you increase your sale as well.

We know that more than 1 billion peoples are already having their account on Instagram. And, 1/3 rd out of it means 33,3333,333 instgram users are already using it for making online purchase. This is a big number and thus can contribute potentially in increasing your sales. Promoting and marketing your products on instagram will present your products in front of millions of people every day and it will increase their chance to shop from your store online.

Targeting options for the advertisement

Another benefit of having business account on Instgram is the targeting options for the advertisement. The instagram is counted among the most advanced social media platform and it provides the users with the advanced advertising target options as well.

Here in Instagram, the businesses will get the option to advertise their products to people and potential customer base by their interest, age, behavior, and locations. The instagram allows the businesses to filter their advertisement and will more likely to present to the people having interest in their products and services.

At instagram, the businesses can target the customer bases that are having more chances to buy their products. And, thus can help in making the advertisement campaign more successful.        


Another great feature of instagram is its Trackability which allows the companies to monitor and track their leads and sales via instagram ads and thus they can clearly judge their ROI.

Instagram is also having the feature to test the ads first and then presenting it in front of the instagram users having interest in that products or services and thus helps the businesses to have the best results at the lowest cost.

More features for better business profiles

Instagram also differentiate the business accounts from the personal accounts. It opens tons of more features for the business account letting them to easily promote their products and services. For example, the business account on Instagram will have the feature of call-to-action for all the visitors allowing the customers to access the account insights and learn more about the products or the services which they are offering.

More potential for reaching he untapped customers

As mentioned, more  than 1 billion peoples are already on Instagram. Almost 1/3rd out of them are shopping online from instagram and more than 50% users use to check the business profiles also. If you are having your business account on instagram, you are more likely to be get noticed by your potential customer base.

For businesses, instagram is becoming a great tool for extending the businesses. More the companies will make efforts for promoting their business, more they will get in their sales and leads.     

Brand building

Along with several brand building capabilities as in facebook, it having the additional feature of organic functionality as well. This means that business owners are allowed to build their brands and find organic followers without paying anything to the site. This will help in building the proper and natural relationship between the brand and the followers,

Learn more about the customer base

Like Facebook.  Instagram is also a great tool for understanding your customer base, their likings, their preferences, and what they expect from your product or service. This will help the company to personalize their offerings as per the taste of their potential customer base.

The bottom line

So these are some advantages of having the business account on Instagram.




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