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Best investment options

 Finding the best investment option is not only the issues for big investors, even normal people also need to find a good investment option for good returns and for saving money for the future.

The trading an stock investors do not mind investing risky funds as well. But the normal people prefer keeping their money safe and multiplying. They wants the investment option where their money remain safe and they can get a good returns as well without any risk of losing their money.

Because of looking for the risk free investment funds, most of the people prefers finding the investment plan with stable and good returns and no risk of losing money.

However, the returns are directly proportional to risks. More the risk, more the chances of the higher returns, but one can lose their money as well. In order to look for the risk free investment plan, one need to go for lower returns only.

Here in this guide, we are listing you some of the best investment options with stable returns and less risk. These are:

Unit Linked Insurance plan

This is one of the best investment plan in India providing two benefits of both the insurance as well as the investment with single plan. It is considered as bets investment plan for dual benefit with the feature f insurance as well. Along with these two benefit, another benefit associated with this investment plan is the tax exemption. This kind of investment plan generally comes with lock in period of 3 to 5 years. In ULIP plans, a particular part of the premium is used for the insurance coverage while the rest of the part is used for the investment in the market linked investments like bonds, shares, and many more.

With ULIP, one will get the feature for the long term investment and will get the option for reaping the maximum of the returns. Also, it allows for the tax free maturity.

Public Provident fund

Another secured investment option in this list if Public provident fund. It is long term investment plan where the person will get the feature of tax exemption as well. One is allowed to open the PPF account from any bank or the post office. The invested money will be locked for a particular tenure generally for 5 years. And, the best part of this investment plan is that one will get the option to earn the compound interest on the accumulated amount.

The only drawback associated with the PPF funds is that one is not allowed to withdraw their money before 6 years. All one can do is apply for the loan amount on the base of balance of the PPF funds.

Mutual funds

With time, the trend of the mutual funds are increasing in developing countries like India as well. People these days are more in investing mutual funds. Some of the mutual funds are good paying but are generally high risk investment plans. For those, who are looking for low risk investment plan, mutual funds are having plan for them as well but will low returns.

The low risk investment plans are good for keeping the money safe and providing the investor with the stable returns.

Bank fixed deposit

Most of the middle class people only believes in bank fixed deposits only. This is  the most safest investment option where one will get fixed returns over the complete tenure of the investment. In this investment plan, one will get the interest either month to month, quarterly to annually, or as per the rules of the bank.

On the basis of bank, the fixed deposits either provide cumulative or the non cumulative option for the investment. In the non cumulative option, the investor will get the interest while in the cumulative option, the interest will be add to the principle amount and the investor will get the total interest in the end of the tenure. 

Since, it is one of the most safest option for investment in India, it is most popular type of investment plan in India. With FDs, investors will get range of tenures and they can choose as per their choices.  

National pension scheme

It is government saving scheme option that offers the pension solutions. In this kid of investment plan, the money will be invested in the government securities. It also offers two type of option, one is auto and other is active. In the auto type option, the funds will be automatically invested in different kind of assets while in the active options, the investors will get the option to invest as per their choices. This scheme only mature when the person achieve the age of 60.

Senior citizen saving scheme

This is another risk free saving scheme only for the senior citizens who have crossed their 60years of age. It is best option for them in order to get the regular income.

Real estate investments

This is most common and preferred kind of investment plan where one invest their money in real estate properties, residential properties, as well as the commercial properties. In general, the return in this kind of investment is very high depending on the locality of the real estate property.

This investment is generally risk free and can double the investment amount in just few years. Also, the real estate property work as an asset and is best investment plan with high returns and low risk.

The only drawback with this investment option is that the investment amount will be more. But with more investment, one will get the option to earn more returns and that too at low risk.

The bottom line

So these are some best investment plans in India with low risks!     

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