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How to create a facebook page for Business? What are the advantages of having a Facebook Business page?

 Facebook has provided the people with the advantage of free social media platform where they can run the brand awareness campaign and enhance their brand name. And, the advantage of facebook by Facebook is further more beneficial for connecting with more peoples and thus enhancement in the sale.

With the help of facebook business page, one can easily grow their business on and off Facebook. The facebook page is provided with the advantages of several business tools helpful in achieving the target of the business. Here in this guide, we are presenting you the step by step instructions for creating a Facebook page on Mobile as well as desktop. Further we will also discuss on the advantages of having a Facebook business page.

How to create a Facebook page on Mobile?

  • First of download the Facebook app from the Google play store or App store and get it installed in your system.
  • Now log in your Facebook and go to the Facebook profile.
  • Click on the menu icon available in the right corner of the option bar and hit on the Pages option.
  • There in the Pages option, click on + Create and then hit on Getting Started.
  • Name your page and explain the details of your business page.
  • Hit the NEXT button.
  • You will get the option to add your address. This will help the people to easily find you. If you do not want to add address, no worries, it is absolutely optional option. 
  • Add the profile picture and the cover photo in order to make your page explains more about your business.

You are done. Post regularly on your page and run your brand awareness campaign!

How to create a Facebook business page on Desktop?

  • First log in your Facebook and go to your profile.
  • Click on Create and choose page present on the top of the home page.
  • Next step is for naming he page and adding the category in order to better describe your business page.
  • Fill in your business details like address, phone number, and others and hit the Continue button.
  • Add profile picture and the cover photo and hit the Next button.

This way you can create your Facebook business page on desktop!    

What are the advantages of having a Facebook business page?

Having the business page helps the business owners to promote their business, spread brand awareness, and effectively enhance their brand identity with powerful business tools.

Here we are presenting your 6 key benefits of having a Facebook business page:

Better understand your target audience

Having a business page on Facebook will help you connect directly with your target audience. Since your fans will join you on your facebook business page in order to know more about you, it will help you as well with the opportunity to learn more about your target audience.

Via the facebook business page, all of your brand fans will connect with you there and will expect you to share all the essential information related to your business. Also, via the same business facebook page, you can understand your audience better through their active participation.

In the facebook page, there is option available namely Facebook insights and this is helpful in providing all the essential information related to your fans and will also inform you regarding their interaction. The facebook fans on the business page can tell you their expectations via different methods like comments and feedbacks.

Humanize your brand

This is another great benefit of having a Facebook business page. In order for any business to be successful, there is need for genuine communication and social connection. Luckily Facebook provides the free platform to the business to give your brand a face, name and personality and thus humanize it for better social connection and more clear communication.

Though the business page on facebook is absolutely related to the business only but is having their human like identity and can interact with fans and other third parties.

Community formation

Facebook business page helps the business to establish their separate community of the owner of the business, their staffs, and the fans. Here in the business page, the company can easily interact with their fans and learn what they expect or want from the company.

The facebook provides the business with an amazing tool namely business page where they can interact with their prospects, fans, and customers and allow them with a platform to interact with you via the feedback and comments.     

 With the facebook business page, the owner can build their community via:

  • Regular or scheduled posting relevant posts and links
  • Encouraging fans to participate and contribute via commenting nd giving feedbacks
  • Organizing events like promotional events or quizzes
  • Allows the fans or the customers with the section to feedback
  • More incentives for activity on the business page

  The facebook page helps in bringing people together and thus helps in building a loyal following for ensuring continuous growth.

Search engine optimization

The facebook business page provides an effective and powerful option to drive traffic on to your business website and blogs. You can post your business website link and promote your fans to join you on your business website.

Get in front of your target customers

Regular interaction is essential for increasing connections with the customers. The facebook page will help you get in front of your customers daily and thus will never forget you. This is important for a business owners to connect with the customers daily.

The bottom line

So this is a guide to create a facebook business page and the advantages of having a Facebook business page!  


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