Thursday, 21 October 2021

How to make money from Amazon?

 Today where the ecommerce business is growing at faster pace, all the business man are thinking to go online in order to interact with customers from different part of the world. Out of all ecommerce platform, Amazon is considered as king for selling the product online. As per several reports, more than 49% of the online sale happen via Amazon only.

Also, in the pandemic time, Amazon provides a great opportunity to make money online. If we see the logs, more than 190 million peoples used to visit every month which is a way more statistics than any other ecommerce platform.

With Amazon, you will get the option to make money in different ways. Amazon also make it possible for people to make money even without investing a single penny.

If you are into to start earning online from Amazon, following are some ideas helpful in making money from Amazon that one can start without investing money.

How to make money from Amazon?

Following are some ideas helpful in making money online:

Be a merchant

Since Amazon is a retailer ecommerce websites, the best way to earn from it is being a merchant. But for being a merchant, you do not need to invest much on inventories, instead you can sell your design as well.

If you are god gifted with some creative mind, then Amazon is having great opportunity for you to make money. All you need is to create a unique design for a T shirt, or hoodie, or anything and upload it on the website. Now it is the responsibility of Amazon to sell your design on any T shirt, Sweat, or any hoodie and you will get your commission on every purchase.

Selling your design will be easy as you do not need to keep any inventory or there will be no pressure as well to fulfill the orders. All you need is a creative mind Just come up with you unique and creative design and make money in the form of commission when any merch with your design get purchased by the customer.

In order to join the Merch by Amazon, all you need is to sign up to Mech by Amazon. There create and upload your design on nay merchandise. The next step is to color your merch and then create the merch description.

Here you go and now the Amazon will take the responsibility to create the product page, printing the design on the merchandise, fulfillment of the order, and then the customer service.

On ever sale of your design, the Amazon will pay you the commission depending on the cost of the product.  

Dropshipping with Amazon

This is another great option to make money with Amazon without investing anything. For those who are willing to sell products on Amazon, but are less interested in investing, the dropshipping can be the best way for them to make money.

Dropshipping with Amazon is completely different from Amazon FBA where you will need to send the stock to the Amazon. While in dropshipping, you just need to upload the picture of the product from the suppliers and then earn money in the form of commission.

In order to start dropshipping with Amazon, you will need to opt for the option “Fulfillment by the merchant” and this will make you responsible for fulfilling the demand of the customer.

Amazon handmade

It is another great option for creative people to make money. If you are having some skill to create handmade items like craft, or even the T shirts or any thing, Amazon provides you the opportunity to sell your products and make money out of it.

It is more like Etsy, where you can sell your home made products and make money of it. You can create anything like jewelry, crafts, cloths, or anything you are good in and earn money by selling it.

Mechanical turk

Though this opportunity is not good for making a handsome amount of money but is good as a part time job. On Amazon turk, amazon post for several freelancing and part time work. Here you can find a virtual job for yourself. The nature of job in this section can be anything like filling survey forms, data validation, etc. It is great idea for students and those who are looking for parttime job to make money.    

Work from home

Other then Amazon turk, Amazon used to provide many more virtual or freelancing job that a individual can do right from their home virtually. Here in this section, you can find several kid of freelancing jobs like customer support job, technical support staff job, business development officer job, and many more. Most of the positions here are part time and seasonal. So if you are having extra time and talent, then why not apply here for making money.

Amazon Flex

Anybody with a car and license can make money with Amazon. It is  a money making program from drivers. This plan was launched by Amazon in order to fulfill the same delivery option for the prime users.

All you need is to have a legal car and a smart phone. After this, you can apply for the driver job in the Amazon flex and set you time for making deliveries. With this option, you can make up to 18 to 25 dollars per hour.


Anybody with RV can make handsome amount of money with Amazon. It will provide the individual with the opportunity to make some seasonal money. With this, you will need to apply for the seasonal task sin your location, and then amazon will assign you the work when the season arrive. As the part of job, you will need to pack the item, store It, and receive the packages from Amazon within the area in your RV.

The bottom line

So these are some options to make money with Amazon!          


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