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Pitch presentation for the business idea

 Most of the business ideas can propagate only when they get proper funding and capital. For the beginners and the start up entrepreneurs, they often run out of funds and capital in order to grow or start their business and implement their business idea for the betterment of the society and of course for their profit.

The best option for the start up financing is no doubt the personal finances. But it is often not possible for the beginners to arrange a big capital amount in order to implement their business idea and grow well in the industry.

When the option of the personal finances over, the next option left is to outsource for the investment. Lending or borrowing money for the start up finances is least preferred option as in the case of failure, it will cost the personal assets of the business owner. Thus one in order to implement their business plan for their start up business, requires to outsource for investment.

There are several websites and platforms where the start up or the small business owner can look for or find the investment for their business. But in order to convince the investor to invest in your business, you will need to be ready with a proper and well detailed, comprehensive business plan.

After creating the comprehensive and detailed business plan, the next step comes is to present your pitch to the investor. This is the most crucial step for convincing the investor for investing in your company.

Pitch presentation is basically a small or concise presentation of your business plan highlighting all the important aspects of the business plan within not more than 20 minutes. There is need to present all the prospects and the benefits of the business convincing the investors that why they should invest in your start up ideas.

It is basically a presentation on powerpoint in order to explain the investors the main aspects of the business plan in order to convince them to invest in your business.

The business owner can either present the pitch presentation online via some video conferencing apps or face to face in the meeting hall. It does not matter where you are presenting the pitch, how you are presenting matters the most.

So in order to make your pitch presentation more effective, here we are listing some points that you should high light in order to effectively explain your business plan and convince the investor to invest in your business.


To begin with the pitch presentation, the first thing you should do is to introduce yourself. You should give you sweet and short instruction about who you are? What do you do? Make sure, the introduction should be short. You can also use this opportunity to introduce your business idea as well like the most interesting facts about your business plan, what are the milestones that you may have achieved, etc.


A leader itself can not do anything without the help of their team. So after introducing yourself and the basics of your business plan, never forget to introduce all behind the scenes who also contributed in creating the business plan. This is essential to introduce your team as all the potential investors are interested in knowing the team members who are going to work on this project.

Problem and solution

There is never need of a project which do not solve any kind of problems. So, after the completion of all the introductions, now come to the problems that your project is going to solve. Also, explain the audience how your project or the product is going to solve the problem and will contribute in the betterment of the society along with making a good profit as well.

The investor is much interested in knowing, what is the use of the product or the project that you are planning to work on with them. Thus highlighting the problems that your product will solve and the method how it will solve the problem is very important during the pitch presentation.

Marketing and sales

Yes, this is the main point that the investors or the audience is most interested in. It is require to highlight the market size of the product. Include the target audience who the product is going to serve. Also, while explaining this, be prepared to highlight your business plan to attract more and more customers and how you are going to let people know about your product.

Projections and milestones

For a new business, it is quite difficult to make the financial projections and the milestones. Still, in the business plan, there is need to incorporate a educated guess on the base of knowledge. Projected financial statements helps much in giving the investor an idea that where the company is planning to head on. It also gives them a rough estimate that whether the company is going to make profit or loss.

The financial projection in the business plan should include the income statement that how much the company will generate the income, cash flow statement depicting how much cash will come and go out of the company, and the guess balance sheet depicting all the business finances including the liabilities, assets, and the equity.


For every business, competition is major suppressing factor that might hinders the company to survive well in the market. Thus in the business plan, there is need to add the competition and how the business is planning to deal with or over come it.   

Business model

It should depict the core aspects of the business like its purposes, offerings, target customers, infrastructures, strategies, organization structure, trading practices, sourcing, operational processes, and the policies including the culture.


Yes, it is also important to mention that how much the company has already raised money, who have invested in your business, including your personal finances as well.

The bottom line

So this is the way one should present their pitch for convincing the investors for your business!


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