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What are the benefits of cloud computing?

 It is around 2 decades from when the cloud computing has been helping the businesses in not only increasing the business efficiencies but for several more competitive advantages and the cost benefits. Despite of several advantages of the cloud computing, still there are many businesses in developing countries like India has been operating their business without the help of cloud computing.

In developed countries, as per the report by the international data group, more than 69% of the businesses has already been implemented the cloud technology in their business and are taking their advantages, while the 18% of the businesses has admitted that they are planning to implement the use of the cloud computing soon in their business.

And, according to the report by Dell, the companies who are more in investing in cloud, big data, mobility, and security are more likely to enjoy up to 53% of the faster growth in their revenues in comparison to their competitors.

With several advantages of the cloud computing, the number of tech savvy industries and the businesses are increasing and they has been started recognizing the benefits of the implementation of the cloud computing in their business.

The early adopters and the innovating businesses are more in adopting the latest technology and the cloud technology in order to run the performance of their organization even more smoother, for the better serving of the customers, and in order to increase the overall profit margin dramatically.

With the enhancement in the internet technology and the data science, the trend of the cloud computing increased several folds. In last few years, the  trend of cloud computing has increased has gained widespread popularity and has been used by several tech savvy companies, industries, and the businesses as well.

As the amount of data is increasing exponentially, it is becoming quite difficult for the companies and the businesses to store such a big amount of data in their hard drive or any other physical storage device. This leads the company to switch to the cloud storage where they are having the option to store as much data and information they want.

Cloud computing works  on the same principle of the web based email clients which allows the users to keep their data stored in cloud instead of storing it in their own personal computer. In fact most of us has been using cloud computing technology without even noticing it. Like, we are using Gmail, Face book, Google drive, Instagram, etc, these all are cloud based technologies. For using all these technologies, the user is sending their data in the cloud hosted storage in order to access their data later.

As useful the cloud computing is for storing the personal data, it is even more helpful in businesses as well. Today in this guide, we are going to list you some of the major benefits of the cloud computing in the businesses.

What are the advantages of having the cloud computing in businesses?

If you are among some of the businesses who are still not convinced to implement the cloud computing technology in your business, following are some benefits of the cloud computing technologies that will help you clear your myth regarding this technology. The benefits of cloud computing technologies are as follows:

Cost efficiency

Though you might be thinking about the price  tags on the cloud computing services, but believe me, the initial investment on paying for the cloud computing is going to help you save several more in your businesses.

Once you get the cloud technology, it will be easy for your business to store data and all the vital information on cloud securely and can access them any time without any hassle. Saving data in cloud storage is going to save much of your time as well as money in investing in physical storage devices.


Most of the businesses are concerned about the security with the cloud storage. Well, first I clear you that the cloud storage is absolutely safe as your personal computer is. The cloud services are having several layers of the security that will keep your data safe from all the cyber criminals as well as others. 

Though most of the companies are not convinced for the use of the cloud storage because of the cyber crime and the security reason, well, till now, the major percentage of the data theft occurs internally not by the cyber criminals. The truth is that the data theft is mostly done by some internal corrupted person. In fact, the cloud storage is way more safer for keeping your sensitive data more safe.


For a business, there is more need to invest the time on planning strategy for the better performance of the business. Having the cloud computing will free the business man from the worries of the security of their data and thus can help the focus more on their business.


Yes, the best part of the cloud computing is that the data will be accessible from anywhere. Whether you are at office, or in home, or somewhere else, using the cloud storage, you can access your data any time, anywhere, and from any device just with the help of your login credentials.

Disaster recovery

If you keep storing your data in some physical device, in the case of any damage to the physical device, all the data will be gone and will be very difficult to recover. This can be very disastrous condition for the data based businesses. With cloud computing, your business is never going to face such conditions.

Enhanced team work

With cloud computing, the collaboration between two more employees or the partners will be easy and that will  be direct or indirect beneficial for your business. Team members can work together remotely via the cloud computing services.

The Bottom line

So these are some benefits of having he cloud computing in businesses!      


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