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What are the roles of manager in business?

 Manager is having multiple roles in a business. Along with resolving several conflicts and playing the role of leader of the team, there are several more roles also that a manager need to follow in order to successfully operate a business.

Leading the team is not the only role of the manager. Instead they need to participate in different roles like resolving the conflicts between the team members, negotiating for the new contracts, representing the company or the department in the board meetings, or in approving the request for the new computer system or many more.

The basic point is that the manager requires to keep switching their roles and tasks as per the requirement in the business. They need to perform all the tasks as per the requirement of the particular time in the company.

Today in this guide, we are listing some of the major role played by a perfect manager in order to run any business successfully. What are the management skills does a manager need to have in order to run a business. What roles are required by the manager to keep business on track. The following major role of the manager will help all the manager to learn and enhance their management skills.

Major roles of the manager in the business:

Following are the 10 roles that manager need to deal with in order to run the business optimally and successfully:


The manager of the business is often the leader of the business team as well. Thus they are required to perform he role of the figurehead as well in order to keep the team encouraged and inspired. The manager of the team or the business will be responsible for all the social, legal, as well as the ceremonial responsibilities. They are anticipated to be the major inspiration for the entire team. The rest staff will look up only the manager as the person with authority and as the figurehead.

For the figurehead of the team, they will be the representative of the team and thus need to manage their good image in the team. Manager as a figurehead is the representative of the team and thus should need to set an ideal example at the work and learn to be a great role model.


The major and the most expected role of the manager is obviously the leading role. They are required to lead the team, guide them with the blue print of the business plan, manage the performance of the working member of the team, communicate the strategy, objectives, and the final mission of the project to all the employees, distribute the operational work as per the skills and resources, and many more. Whether the project is a big win or a failure, the leader will be the main responsible for all the outcomes.

Manager in order to fit perfectly in the role of the leader need to learn the good leadership skills, enhance their management ability, and be a authentic leader  with emotional intelligence as well.


The manager needs to manage the external as well as the internal liaison of the company as well. They need to have good communication skills in order to maintain the internal as well as the external contacts. The manager must be having the ability of networking effectively on the behalf of the company.


The another role of the manager is monitoring the team and their performance for the growth of the company. In order to perform well this role, the manager need to seek out information regularly regarding the industry and the organization as well.

The manager in order ensure all the organization operation run smoothly should keep monitoring their team members in terms of both the production and performance as well as their well being.   


The manager is the top person of the authority in the company to communicate with the rest of the staff. They are the one to communicate the message from the directors and top authority of the business to the staff members and the employees.

For being a good disseminator, the manager need to be a good communicator and should have the ability to transfer the correct information and ensure that all the staff members and the employees are clear for what ever is going on in the company.    

Spoken person

The manager of the company are also the spoken person of the company as well. They are the one to represent the company in the industry and speak for the business. This is one of the most significant role of the manager of the company as they need to transmit the information of the organization and mission as well as the vision of the company to the people outside the company.


The innovation is must skill for the manager of the company. The manager of the company should be having the ability of the entrepreneur in order to bring innovation in the company. They should take action continuously in order to keep the company product innovative and unique in the market. They are require to be innovative and generate new ideas and keep implementing them in order to avoid the monotonous degrading action in the company.

Confliction solver

The inter relationship among the employees also plays major role in their performance, so it need to be in good and friendly condition. The manager is responsible for solving all the conflicts between the employees, if any,.

Resource allocator

The funding in most of the company is limited. Thus the manager should be having the skill of resource allocator also in order to determine where the organization resources are well applied.


This is another role of the manager where that need to contribute in negotiating within the team, or department, as well as the organizations.

The bottom line

So these are top 10 roles of the manager in a business! 



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