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Adolescents are suffering from mental disorder

 According to the WHO (world health organization), adolescent age is the period between 10 to 19 years of age. This time is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Since the teen is in their transition time to adulthood, they are more likely to suffer from several mental concerns.

In order to deal with the increasing concern of the adolescent kids, recently the world celebrated the World Mental Health day on 21st October, 2021. And, the theme of this celebration was “Mental health in an unequal world”.

Before start discussing on adolescent mental disorder, first we need to consider the importance of concerning the increasing mental issues and disorder in adolescent age. 

The report by WHO suggests that around 16% of the world population are facing mental disease in the primary or initial age of adulthood. Most of cases of the mental disorder are reported to begin from the age of 14 year in children. But due to lack of attention and ignorance, most of cases remain undiscovered and unprocessed. This leads in increase of the issues of depression among teenage groups.

Due to the ignorance of primary mental issues in adolescent age lead to the worsening of the issue and the issue might aggravate in their middle age leading to hampering their proper mental development.

 Why adolescent age is most concern able age?

Adolescent is exclusive and initial time of childhood. It is the transition time when the kid is going to be converted into a fully matured adult.

There are several reasons that are increasing the incidence of mental disorder disease in growing kids. These may includes emotional, physical, and numerous gregarious changes like financial problems, domestic violence and many more. These all factors can drive adolescent nuts and thus increase the incidence of mental disorder problems in them.

Most of the people promote the awareness for the physical health, but forget that the mental health is also crucial for the overall growth of the millennial.  At the adolescent age, the young adults require the care for both the physical as well as mental health. Simply focusing on the physical well being and ignorance of the mental health is causing the increase in the incidence of mental issues in person. For adolescence, physical as well as mental health both are crucial for growing age of childhood, ignorance of any disease can worsen with time and lead to adverse effect on the potential of adolescence.

Situation in post covid19 period, many doctors reported increase in the cases of mental disorder in adolescent age as well as in other patients. The pandemic caused much mess in the life of adolescent related to their career as well as their academic life, and this results in weakening their balance of mental health.

Symptoms of mental disorder

Common signs of mental disorder include changes in the thinking, sentiments and behaviour. The sign of mental illness varies as per the kind of mental trauma that people are facing, but here we listing some of the most common sings of mental illness:

    • Pessimistic behaviour - Generally in this situation people feel sad and down in every situation
    • Always the facing dilemma in thinking and it also reduces the concentration
    • They are isolated from friends and family
    • Always feels anxiety and sometime they might face severe anxiety attacks also.
    • Many times, anxiety and nervousness can turn into violent outcomes.
    • Excessive fear from normal situation
    • Facing insomnia and Anorexia , but it can vice versa in other cases.
    • Several mood swings also happens as per circumstances
    • Introvert  and not like to communicate, prefers spending time alone
    • Always in distraction and delusions
    • Always feel tiredness and  lethargic

Note: Due to lack of attention to the mental issues in adolescent time, the young adult do not receive the proper treatment. And, this leads to the worsening of the primary issue and consequently aggravation of the problem.

Type of mental disorder in adolescent and how it is impacting the adolescent stage

Now we will discuss how the different types of mental disorders are ruining the adolescent life of several young adults.

Severe anxiety attacks

The primary reason for the severe anxiety attacks is mostly associated with the trauma in previous life and this make them terrified from a particular situation that resembles their past conditions.

The person offended with worst circumstances in past fails to overcome their fear and anxiety and this lead to the out bursting in form of severe anxiety attack or violence.

Affective disorder

In affective disorder, people are either feels sad and solitude or feels excessive happy. This disorder mainly includes several mood swings. This kind of symptoms are main seen in people suffering from depression, and cyclothymiacs disorder.

Psychotic disorder

In psychotic disorder, the person always get detached from realty and lost their judgment skill. They start facing the issue of delusion, imaging voice and sound. The reason for this kind of mental issue might includes the use of incorrect drug or the excessive use of any particular drug.

Impulsive and addictive illness

In Impulsive disorder, Adolescents start facing difficultly in controlling their impulse, and this can turn them do some hazardous both for themselves as well as for surroundings. Pyromania, kleptomania and gambling disorder are illustrations of impulsive disorder. Generally in this kind of depression, it becomes quite difficult to handle the patient alone without any supplement of medical help.

Dissociative identity disorder

Alternatively called multiple personality disorder, it causes the person to live in more than two personalities of themselves.  Facing trauma in past life (including sexual abuse, physical violence, emotional disturbance), are mostly the reason for this disorder.

Treatment for mental disorder

Treatment for mental health depends on the type of mental problem that an adolescent is sufferings from. Here we will discuss the most common treatment for improving mental health problems like depression, anxiety, bipolar illness. Mental health illnesses are categorized in two type of treatment. These are:


It includes all the electric shocks, medications and other therapies. The electric shock and other therapies in this treatment are used to stimulate the brain and nerves. 

Psychiatrist treatment

Psychiatrists are experts in diagnosing and treating mental health disorder. They basically use the method of counselling by communicating with patients and try analyzing their behaviour, thoughts and emotions. Regular counselling therapies are known help in overcoming mental health disorder.

The combination of both the somatic as well as Psychiatrist treatment is reported to overcome the mental issues in better way.

Bottom lines

One should never ignore the primary symptoms of mental issues before its aggravation!




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