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Best tips on career networking for introverts

 Most of the loners, introverts, and shy people consider the networking type job out of their comfort zone. They strongly against the networking job as it involves much socialization and meeting with new peoples.

Though it might be not in the comfort zone of most of the shy people, still it is one of the best career option for many people who are looking for job. Those who are having good communication skills and are good in socialization also, can try their career in the networking jobs. The networking job mainly includes meeting more and more people, creating big contacts and connections, and widens the network.

The key in the networking job is to make more and more contacts and try making the bigger network as you can. In the case, when you are interested trying your career once in networking job but still, confused or feeling shuddered, then this guide is for you.

Here in this article, we are providing some of the essential career networking advice for all the introverts and it might change your mind and help you build a great career in this stream as well. Who knows that this networking career might proved to be beneficial for you and you might get the best chance o build your career in this stream.

You can also build your advanced career by creating your own professional network and that too without even attending any of the networking event. Following are some tips for introverts on career networking.

Top tips for introverts on career networking

Given below are some of the best career networking advices for the introverts:

Go for digital networking

Many times, people with shy nature and introverts minds feels very challenging to meet new peoples in person and interact with them in direct. Also, it is quite stomach rolling when it comes to attend the networking event and convince strangers to join the network. Meeting with strangers in person is actually hand sweating for all the introverts and shy people.  

But luckily we are living in the society which have completely digitalized. Now, you do not need to meet the strangers in person, instead jus email them messages them, create your networking groups, and other digital activities in order to expand your network.

On digital world, you will get plethora of options to get connected with strangers, new peoples, and many more. Also, there are several social platforms available where one can create their group and work on expanding their network.

The biggest pros of the social media platforms and the digital world is that it allows you to convey your message to another person without being meeting them in person. Simply send your message and let other people know about your network.

Network one by one

There is no hard and fast rules for the networking that you need to attend the networking events. It is not mandatory for the networking person to attend all the group meeting and large social events in order to meet people, interact with them, and thus expand the network.

We can understand that for introverts, it is quite challenging to meet up with new groups of people in the social big event. But meeting with single person, having conversation with them at one time is possible. So instead of attending the large group meetings or the social events, one can meet one by one peoples. This is great option for the introverts networking peoples as here they will get the chance to openly put up their point and build great connections.

Also, one can go on coffee dates, or lunch date, have one by one interaction, strengthen the connections and the bonding, and ask them to join your network. Also, request them to suggest your network to other peoples who are out of your direct reach.

Attend the event with one of your friend

Yes, we understand that for an introvert, it is very difficult to meet up with many more strangers. But having a one acquainting with them can manage the situation up to some extent and make attending meeting less nerve wrecking for them. So for the introverts, they can take their friends, co worker, spouse, or any other person that will make them feel much relaxed in the crowd of strangers.

Never forget the old contacts

Yes, while working in networking, people stay busy in making new and new connections and expand their network. But, in between making new friends, one should not forget their old contacts.

We  know that you are focusing on making new connections and expanding your network, but it is good idea for your career as well to drop one email or good wish message to your old contacts as well.

Even better option is to organize a coffee date with your old contacts. Keep sending good wishes message daily or regularly. Try staying in touch with your old contacts along with making new connections.

Follow up

There are more chances for the people to accept the group invitation when they meet you once before. So, first meet with new peoples, introduce your self, and then invite them on your group.

Try look engaged and happy all the time

People who look happy, smiling, and comfortable are having positive vibes around them. While on the other side, people with glum look and those who look less engaged are less preferred by peoples to talk with. So, always keep a smile on your face and pretend to be engaged in the event.

The bottom line

So these are some tips for introverts on Career networking!





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