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Best websites for helping college students to get Entry level job

 The first job is always having a life time memory in ones’ life. Also, once the professional get some experience, it becomes comparatively easy for them to grow and get more hike in their life. But one need to struggle much in order to get their first job.

Most of the jobs are having the requirements of some prior experiences or skills. In that case, for the beginners, it becomes quite difficult to get a job with decent salary.

As just after college, most of the students are having very little experience of the internship and sometimes no prior experience. IN that case, finding the job that requires no prior experience is quite difficult. Even in the case when one get the job that requires no prior experience, most of these jobs are paying very less.

In that case, there comes the entry level websites that helps the beginners to get their first job with a decent pay scale. Here in this guide, we are listing some of the best websites that will help the college students to get their first job with decent pay.

Best websites for helping college students to get Entry level job

AS more than 62% of the jobs in the market demand for experience professionals with at least 3 years of experience. In that case, the beginners with very little or no experience are having no option to get in the industry and earn some experience for the hike.

Here in this scenario, the entry level websites helps the professionals to get hired without any experience just after completing their studies. These sites are:


Indeed website is no doubt the best over all website that can help almost all the professionals from every industry to find their relevant job at decent pay scale without any prior experience.

This site was launched in 2004 and currently it is having more than 250 million monthly users and are having the record of 10 new users every second.

Though this website is not specially launched to help the beginners to get their first job, instead targets all the professionals to find the job relevant to their skills, experience, and industry.

Still, we are ranking this site on the number one position as it proved to be the most beneficial website for the beginners. This websites helps the college students to get their first job easily just after completing their graduation or education.

This website is not only having the skills based job vacancies, instead here can search for any job job which the professional want to proceed in. Here with this  site, one can find almost any kind of entry level job in all kind of industries including the health care, IT, finance, sales, real estate, and marketing.

Also, this site is popular among professionals because of its continence to use and it is having so many kind of filters which make it easy for the beginner to find a suitable job for them. The beginners in this site are allowed to type their preferred job title, and add their no experience, and can apply many more filters as per the requirements. The Indeed website allow the professional to find the particular jobs that requires no experience.

The site is very easy to use and also it don require the applicant to create their account on it. Instead the account creation on Indeed website will help the professional to get the email notification for the new vacancies in their preferred industry. The best part of this website is that despite of so many features, it is absolutely free.

Also, this site is known to have the section where one can get the review about the company where they are planning to work in, or can get the detail of the company, the job description, their employees’ experience, and many more.


As name suggest, this website is exclusively for the college graduates who just graduated from their college and are looking for beginner level job. This website is also free to use and one can create their account here in order to receive the alert notification for the new vacancy in their preferred industry.            

Here in this site also, one can easily type the name of the preferred job title. And after that, select the experience level to beginner using the drop down menu. This will ensure that the site will show you the beginner level jobs only.


After pandemic, the trend for the work from home job is also increasing. In the case when you are looking for your first remote job, then this site is for you. It is one among the largest platform  where the professional can look for the remote job in their preferred industry.


In the case if you have graduated but not sure for what to choose for te career, the Avenica site will help you discover out your strengths and help you make a good decision regarding your future career.

The professional need to fill in their some details and this platform will help them figure out their talents, and what kind of job can suit their personalities as well as their skills. After accessing your talent, the site will also help the beginner to find their entry level job.


Some times, in order to make the entry in the preferred industry and to earn some experience, the professionals might prefer getting hired in the startup companies where they can prove their talent and can build network as well.

The AngelList is best site that helps the professionals to have direct contact with the start up owner and help them get hired at their preferred position.

The bottom line

So these are Best websites for helping college students to get Entry level job!


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