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Difference between Knowledge and wisdom

 Wisdom is often mistaken with the knowledge term. Though they are having much similarities, still they are very different and are having different characteristics.

Wisdom is something that we gain from our day to day daily experiences, life, and practical. It is basically the experiences that we gains from our regular life incidents. Wisdom gained from the life experiences is helpful in improving the judgement capabilities of the person.   

On the other hand, knowledge is kind of abilities that we gained from learning. It helps in clarifying us regarding the truths and the facts of any particular things. Both of these knowledge and wisdom are complementary to each other. Any of the above alone is of no use for any individual. They both are having equal importance in the life of the person. In the case when any person is having knowledge but no wisdom, he or she will not be able to use their knowledge optimally for the better judgments and the choices in their life.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on what are the key differences between the wisdom and the knowledge. In this article, we will learn that how having knowledge is different from having wisdom.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is basically the skills that we gain from our day to day learning. It is essential for improving our understanding and making our thoughts. Also, it helps in enhancing our awareness that what is going on our surrounding. It helps in constructing our opinions on different objects, events, ideas, and methods for performing any thing. Knowledge is further divided three categories which includes procedural, personal, and propositional.

Procedural knowledge

Procedural knowledge is having knowledge regarding the procedure of something. It is basically the knowledge that help the person understand how to perform the procedure. For example knowing how to use computer, how to perform any medical operation, how to play football, how to cook, etc all are kind of procedural knowledge.

Personal knowledge

Personal knowledge refers to the information regarding the self which includes first hand experiences, idiosyncratic choices, and also includes the autobiographical facts.

Propositional knowledge

Propositional knowledge is having the knowledge about the world that what is going on around the world. It basically includes the information regarding the truths and the facts of the world.

What are the advantages of having knowledge?

Following are the major advantages that why one should have knowledge:

  1. Knowledge grant the individual with skills and abilities to communicate better. It helps the person be eligible to take part in any kind of communication and conversation for adding more values. Having knowledge about any topic make person able to communicate and converse on the same topic. It will provide the person with skills and thus enhance their respect in the world because of their knowledge.
  2. Along with the personal life, Knowledge is also essential for the professional life of the person. Without knowledge, there will be no skills. And, no skills means no professional career. This is why it is important to have some knowledge or skills to earn livelihood along with adding values to the world.
  3. For the acceleration of the career, knowledge and the gained skills plays a very crucial role. Though one can learn skills from personal experiences. Still, it is foolishness to waste more time in learning from experiences. Instead, one should prefer learning the skills in less time from the knowledge already existing in the life. From example, with time and personal experience, we will soon discover the gravitational force. But with the knowledge, we can study it in very early age of our life.

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is also kind of skills that we learn from the personal experiences. It is the key that help us use our gained knowledge correctly. Wisdom actually make us capable to use our gained knowledge, understandings, skills, and experiences and help us make our opinion on the base of them.

Wisdom provide us with the ability to make our own judgments and the choices by using our experiences, knowledge, and understandings. In this digital and highly technologically advanced world, wisdom is still a mystery.

We can gain knowledge, but can not gain wisdom from school, and other educational institutes. It comes from lifelong learning processes. One can gain wisdom only via the experiences and trial and learning methods. Though knowledge plays a crucial role in gaining wisdom, still it is not something that comes only with knowledge.

What are the advantages of having wisdom?

Following are some major advantages of having wisdom:

Better character

A strong character is important for building a strong foundation of the life and it comes with the wisdom only. The wisdom in one’s life help them make correct choices and better judgments. 

Strong influence

Wisdom also helps in making person more influential. With wisdom, one can create their strong personality and this will help them influence more and more people.


Yes, wisdom also help the person gain more honor in the society, personal, as well as in their professional world.

What are the key differences between wisdom and knowledge?



It is the ability that influences one’s judgment taking abilities.

It is basically learning new skills and information.

One can gain wisdom from experiences.

One can gain knowledge with efforts.

It refers to applied knowledge.

It refers to manages information.

It is comprehensive.

It is selective.

The process for gaining wisdom is non-deterministic.

The process for gaining knowledge is deterministic.

Judgment is its outcome.

Understanding is its outcome.

It can be approached spiritually.

It can be approached theoretically.

It is timeless and keeps on improving with time.

This need to be update with time.

The source form wisdom is personal experiences and self intuitions.

The source for knowledge includes both formal as well as informal education.


The bottom line

So these are key differences between knowledge and wisdom!    



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