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Highest paid careers in 2021

 In today’s world, the demand of career depends on who demanding it is in the market, and how much is the average pay for the job? It is no doubt that money is the real motivator for the doing any job. Passion about anything is all good, but one can really enjoy their job only when they are getting their desiring rewards.

It costs several study nights, and passing of several semesters examinations, numerous assignments, and many more to complete the formal education and become eligible to enter in the real world market and do any job. After so much hard work and completing their formal education, the first aim of every student is to enter in the market and look for a high paying job. Also, it is completely justifiable to look for high paying job in order to compensate all these years of hardship in the midnight.

But for getting a high payment job, there is need to opt for the according subject or the career option before. All of the students these days need to smart enough to take care of their career option. They need to be aware that which career option is in high demand and can pay them the justifiable reward afterward.

So in order to get a high paying job in future, there is need that the student should opt for the subject accordingly which is having high demand in the market and whose demand is going to increase in coming future.

Here in this guide, we are listing top 10 best highest paying jobs. Basically the high paying jobs are available in the sector of information technology, data industry, health care, marketing, and BFSI. Also, the salary of the professional depends on their skill, their qualification, their experience, and many more factors. In general, all these jobs are having the average salary of around 7 to 15 LPA and the highest salary can go up to 20 to 40 LPA and more depending on the skills, and experience of the professionals.

Note: The salaries mentioned is this article is just an average expected salary. Further, it depends on the skills and the experience of the person. Better the professionals core in these domains, more will be their productivity, better will be their demand in the market, and thus more expected salaries.

Also, it is not only the salary that makes any job demanding. Instead, the growth, reputation, and the security are also playing major role in making the job more attractive.

Top 10 highest paying career options in 2021

Following are some of the most attractive and highest paying job or the career option in 2021:

Medical or health care profession

The demand of the medical and the health care professionals are increasing continuously and this has made this career option as one of the highest paying career options. Doctors and surgeons in the medical and health care profession are known to have the highest pay scale. In general, most of the doctors and surgeons are having pay scale of around 10 LPA and some of them have even exceed 20LPA. Also, the pay scale in this steam depends on the qualification of the doctor. More the specialization, better will be the pay scale.

Data science

Another high paying career option in our list is data science. Though it is quite new in the industry, still it proves to be the most promising career options. Now most of the companies and businesses are getting digital and this has increased their dependencies more on the data. This is why the demand for the data science professionals are increasing.

Also, these days, most of the companies are more into data driven decisions and strategies. A large volume of data bases are available but are of no use unless they are translated in valuable information. The data science professionals are having the skills to convert these confusing data into the valuable information helping the companies to understand the upcoming trend and many more information about the market and thus take action accordingly to earn the maximum of the profit.

This is why the companies these days are more dependent on the data science professionals and thus are hiring them at high pay scale. The average pay scale of data science professional varies from 4 LPA to 12 LPA and which increase further depending on the skills and experience. Some of the top data professionals are getting even up to 60 to 70LPA on the basis of their skills.

Digital marketing

As mentioned that the market is getting digital, thus there is increase in the demand for the digital marketing. Now most of the populations are available online and thus promoting the product online on the digital platform is not only effective but also an affordable to reach maximum number of peoples.

The traditional marketing makes it only possible to reach a limited numbers of peoples, but the digital marketing has broken all the limits and make it possible to reach the peoples from all around the world.

Since the digital marketing is both effective and affordable, the demand of these professionals are also high. They are getting the average pay scale of 10 to 12LPA which can go up more than 20 LPA with skills upgradation and experience.

Machine learning experts

Just few years back, the words like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning were confusing for most of the peoples. But today, these two terms are ruling the market. This is why the demand for the machine learning experts are also increasing. The average pay scale of these professionals are around 7 to 8 LPA and it can go high up to 20 LPA or more with time.

Software engineers

Thanks to the digitalization, the demand of software engineers is going highest. The average pay scale of the software engineers are around 4 to 6LPA and with experience, it can go high up to 30 LPA or more.


The bottom line

Along with these, there are several more job options like Jobs in IT sectors, banking and investment sectors, Blockchain developers, charted accountants are many more are also highest paying career options.

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