Thursday, 18 November 2021

How to add an impressive wow factor to the resume?

 In this article we will walk you through some tips and advices on how to prepare a strong resume that stands out in any job internship applicable.

There are few basic of resume which an applicant should consider first before writing a resume.

  • Format  Before writing a resume an applicant should always focus on the format of the resume as it plays an important role in standing out your resume. The applicant should use a simple and formal design or it should have a simple layout of the resume. The font is generally preferred to be as simple as possible, for instance Calibri [body] is best. Also the sizing of the font also adds up to the format of the resume, there should be appropriate spacing between the words and also between the sentences to make it look neat and clean. These all points are required to keep in mind before making a resume so that the person or employer reading your resume can easily scan, find , the relevant information quickly.

One should always try to use black ink or some other dark ink which is easily readable as used in this article. The resume is preferred to be in a PDF format.


  • Content  Now as we have discussed the format and layout of the resume in the format section of this article, now let us discuss the content to be written in the resume. The first step is to provide a contact information of yours be it your contact number, your email address. An applicant should not include any sort of controversial statements. One should avoid including an objective statement but if one does he/she should make sure that it is relevant for the respective job position for which you are applying for. Never include any sort of references for the job you are applying for.


  • Length   The length of the resume plays an important role apart from the content and the format of the resume. The resume should be of one page and not more than that for business and internship roles. The applicant should focus on including the relevant information about the specific role you are applying for or the specific job position. An applicant should not use long paragraphs in the resume and he/she should include key words or bullet points by highlighting them, which makes it easier for the employer to read. The most important tip one should follow before writing a resume is to check for typos or grammatical or spelling errors.



  • Educational qualification- an effective resume should include the educational qualification required for job position that the resume will be sent for. In this section of resume an applicant should mention the secondary and post-secondary institutions which he/she may have attended. Apart from this he/she should also include all of his degrees which he/she has achieved in his educational career. The applicant should make sure that the year of graduating  the respective  class should be written in the month-year format [ March 2017 not Summer 2017]. The top qualification or the latest education qualification should be listed first on the top of the education section.


  • Experience-  After the educational section, the experience section comes into role. If you are student you should mention about your academic achievements, the impact from academic researches, your teaching or tutoring experiences, you should also include the personal project as well as student group project in which you have participated. If you have worked previously in any other organization do mention your past experience from there. You should list everything in reverse chronological order with your most recent experience first. Use metrics and examples to provide a better understanding for the recruiter.


  • Read the job description thoroughly  reading the job description thoroughly and pay a close attention to the language it uses. Writing a resume for a specific job description takes can be hectic sometimes but it surely helps in making your application stand out from the application of the other candidates.


  • Including social networks-  After the completion of the resume one should also include his LinkedIn profile in the resume. In past few researches it has been proved that including a social media handle like instagram, twitter, facebook or LinkedIn results into more selection of your resume than that of who does not include it. If you are confident about your social media handles or if they can create a positive sound image of yours or if they can create a positive impression on the recruiter then never forget to mention the link those social platforms.


  • Using effective slogans- while the selection process or while evaluating the resume or during the hiring process the recruiter come across by many common adjectives like determineddedicated consistent. Make sure that you do not use all these normal adjectives as used by the others. Try to use some different adjectives by introducing effective slogans. While selection of the slogan suitable for you makes sure that you choose the slogan which pictures your skills, strengths, and achievements.


  • Focus on what you can do for company-  while writing a resume a applicant should lay emphasis on what value he can add to the company , what extra achievements you can bring for your organization that contribute to the overall organizational goals. An applicant should be able to convince the employer why he is the best for the job and that his past experiences can be advantageous to the organization.


The bottom line

So these are some tips to add wow factor to the resume!

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