Thursday, 18 November 2021

How to avoid applying for Fraudulent jobs?

 Due to the increasing unemployment in the economy or country, finding a suitable job for an individual has started  becoming a hectic task. As a result of this people are receiving fake job offers by scammers, either the scammers are  contacting them with the help of online services or through social media. There are also so many options available out there therefore it becomes difficult for the individual to find a genuine job offer which might not be a scam. Therefore to be able to distinguish between a fraudulent job offer and a legitimate job offer an individual must know what to look for in the particular job offer.

An individual should look for the following signs in the job offer so as to discriminate it from the scam offers. It will help the individual to determine if the job is a total scam or if it is a genuine valid job offers.


  • THE EMPLOYER APPROACHES YOU- The first red flag which you can see while looking for a fraudulent job is that whether the recruiter or employer approaches you, mostly in the fraudulent job offers the scammers tries to contact you by stating the reason that your resume or CV they found online in a third party website or you enquired about the job position in some third party website. We cannot tag the offer as a total scam by just seeing that the employer has approached you, some genuine job offers too come straight from the employer himself/herself. Sometimes these offers can also be sent to you to know about your personal information.
  • High income- After receiving the job offer from the employer, if the pay scale they offer as salary is high or is way too more than what you were expecting ,  or if it is more than the reasonable amount, this is also considered as a another red flag for the fraudulent job offers. For example, if a job description says that the company is looking for  a fresher role and that they will pay 50,000-60,000 INR for only 6-8 hours of a job on monthly basis than one should take a look in the company or in the described job position.
  • The work life balance is perfect- Though many job opportunities provide a healthy work life balance, but when the work is limited, the schedule is seemed to be flexible with highly paid salary, be aware it could be another red flag.  For instance, if a job description states that youll be highly paid like 50,000-60,000 INR for only working 4-5 hours a day then you strictly need to look after the job description.
  • If the offer asks you to pay- The another biggest red flag is when the employer or recruiter or company asks you to pay some kind of registration fees, then it can also be a red flag. No genuine job opportunity will ever ask you for payment in any kind of form, apart from your expenses like the fuel or your transportation or your formal clothes. For example, if a job description says that you have to pay some kind of fees which is refundable to you after 1-2 months, then do not fall for these offers, they may be considered as a fake one.
  • The offer makes fake promises-  It is generally seen that the fraudulent job offers make some sort of fake promises to the applicant of getting rich soon in a short time period like a month, it is considered better to ignore the particular job offer which offers such kinds of fake promises or you have to dig into the payment method of the company to see how frequent they pay to your employees and particular what amount, if you are failing to look at the compensation  system of the company it is best to ignore the job offer and keep looking for other legitimate job offers.
  • Weak communication skills-  When a person receives a mail from a organization regarding job opportunity, one should take a look closely through the language of the mail, if it is grammatically incorrect, spellings are wrong, whether there are some punctuation errors, if any kind of errors are there in the mail then the mail is not genuine.
  • Details of recruiter are missing- Alongwith weak communication skills if the contact details of the employer are missing or if they are inappropriate then this also can be counted as a red flag. If the information about the employer or the company is missing then you can search it on the web for the website or the mail address of the company or about the members of the company such as employees or manager, if you cannot find the information regarding them then it is better to ignore this opportunity and look for the next best alternative jobs or to continue the job search.
  • The recruiter asks for legal documents- A genuine firm or job offer always states the required qualification required for the job position, some job opportunities also asks for some required skills or experiences for that job position. If the recruiter or manager demands any other details like otp or bank account details aside from your contact details, never share such confidential information with anyone. Ones should avoid such fraudulent job offers.

The bottom line

Applicants should be able to distinguish between a genuine job offer and a fraudulent job offer on the basis of identifying the red flags or warning  signs as mentioned above in this article.










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