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How to boost up the postpartum recovery?

 We all know that postpartum recovery is very crucial for a new mom. Faster the recovery will be, more comfortable the mom be. Not only the delivery of the baby is painful, but the postpartum discomfort is also painful. In that case, the mom need to take care of herself in order to fasten the postpartum recovery.

But the pressure of handling the new baby, pressure of handling the household, and many more often prevent the new mom to take care of her self. We are not talking about “Only me” but the new mom need to understand “Me too” also.

After 40 weeks of pregnancy and several hours of painful delivery, the pain of new mom is still not over. It takes around 6 weeks to heal the postpartum condition in the case when the delivery of the baby is vaginal. And, in the case of C- section delivery, the recovery time may be more.

Also, the recovery depends on the mother condition. The recovery period varies as per the condition of the new mom, how she is taking care of herself, and many more factors. Also, the symptoms of the postpartum varies from one female to other.

How long it takes for healing after the delivery?

It approximately takes minimum 6 weeks to heal after the post partum. And , in the case of c –section delivery, the recovery time is much more. Since your body has stretched to maximum and gone through much stress, thus it needs more time for healing as well.

Every mom is different and so their postpartum healing or recovery as well. Many of the mom recover and start feeling comfortable within a week after delivery while other might feels the symptoms like sore nipples, perineal pain, and backaches for week. Sometimes, in c section or difficult delivery, mom might continue suffering from the symptoms like leaky breasts and achy back for much more time till the baby is little more older.

How much bleeding is normal after delivery?

Normally the postpartum bleeding continues for 3 to 10 days after birth of the baby. But it can continue up to 6 weeks. The bleeding after delivery is much like blood of period which are dark in colour and having tissue from uterus along with mucus. The bleeding stays at its peak for 3 to 10 days, and then soon it starts tapering off.

Though the bleeding after delivery is quite common. But in the case, if you notice large clots or notice that you need to change the pad every hours, it can be emergency condition like uterine haemorrhages. There is need for consulting your doctor and take action accordingly.

How to fasten the postpartum healing?

For a mother, postpartum recovery is very necessary. A little bit of care of herself can fasten or speed up her recovery. Following are some tips for boosting up the post partum recovery:

Aid in healing your perineum

While delivering a baby, the perineal area suffers a lot. So helping it heal using the ice pack is great idea for relieving pain and fastening the recovery. It is recommended to ice the perineum every hour. Also, it is suggested to spray warm water both before and after urination in order to avoid the irritation by the urine.

Help recovery of the c –section scar

If the delivery of the baby is via C – section, then taking care of the scar is very important. Keep the scar clean using mild antiseptic at least once a day. Apply antibiotic ointment as well. In the case of C section deliveries, avoid carrying heavy objects and also avoid vigorous exercise.

Pain recovery

After delivery, many females faces the issue of back pain. In that case, taking help from analgesic is good. In the case of severe pain, local anaesthesia is also an option. Using the heating pad is also a great idea to relieve the mid pain.

Regular bowel movement

For the new mom regular bowel movement is very important. So to keep it consistent, the new mom needs to consume more fibre and protein rich diet. Also, in the case of constipation, use some stool softeners in order to ease the bowel movement regularly.

The new mom, specially who gone through c section should avoid straining as it might delay the recovery.

Perform Kegals exercise

Kegals is great exercise for tightening the vagina and getting it back in the shae as before. Though generally after delivery, Vagina never come back in the same shape, but can reach up to the similar. The kegals can prove to be the effective exercise to bring the vagina back to the same shape.

So just after the mom feeling comfortable, they should start performing Kegals. It should be performed in the sets of at least 20 or as per the convenience.

Take care of breasts

For woman after delivery, breast pain and leaky breasts is common. So to comfort your breasts, use nursing bras. Also, at the time of breast feeding, let it free in the air. In order to relieve the pain, the new mom can take help from the massages, or warm compress. Also, applying moisturizing cream will prevent the cracking of the nipples.

Schedule the doctor’s appointment

Keep visiting the doctor regularly in order to ensure that the healing is as expected.

Eat well

Being a mom of new born is hectic. So to avoid fatigue, eat more balanced diet with lots of fibre, protein, and carbs.

Keep moving

Limit your exercise only for a week after pregnancy. In the case of vaginal delivery, start exercise once you feel comfortable. Even in your rest time, keep moving a little bit to keep your body active.

The bottom line

So these are some tips to fasten the postpartum recovery!    



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