Wednesday, 10 November 2021

How to create a good impression while the remote internship

 The digitalization of the market or the world is on its top. And, the pandemic in this time worked as a catalyst in fastening the digitalization process. The impact of the digitalization can be seen in the internship process as well.

Now most of the internship program are being done remotely. So, this might not be the favorable for all those who are actually willing to learn something new. Still, we cannot change the condition, all we can do is making the remote internship program more successful.

Internship used to pay a major role in the career life of an professional. It is the time when the professional get the chance to learn something new and set a great career for themselves. Also, it is time where the professional come across several opportunities that might help them lay a solid foundation for their career.

Since the internship programs have gone digital, now the intern needs to prove themselves remotely only. For all the students who are going to join the online or the remote internship program, this article is for you.

Here in this guide, we are going to list some tips which will help the intern to maintain full professionalism even in the remote training program and get the best out of their remote internship program. Following are some guidelines that will help the intern to create their positive impression in the remote internship program.

How to create a positive impression in the remote internship program?

No matter, if the internship is offline or remote, the intern needs to set their positive image or the impression in order to get the future career opportunities. Those who perform well in internship are having high chances to get placed in the same company for the full time work. Also, it is the internship time that provides the intern with ample of opportunities helping them set their bright future.    

Since the internships these days are remote, so the interns need to represent themselves accordingly. Following are some tips that will help the intern to display their positive impression in the remote internship program:

Maintain the professionalism

In the remote internship program, you might be working form any corner of your bed room, or working on your dining table instead of being working professionally in the cubicle. Still maintaining the professionalism is as important as working in the cubicle.

Keep in mind that in order to learn being professional, first you need to learn being look like professional. Below giving are some tips to be professional and look responsible in your remote internship program:

Dress appropriately

No matter you are working from the coolest corner of your living room via the video calling applications, still dressing appropriately is mandatory. Your supervisor, managers, and coworkers are seeing you and are noticing your professionalism as well. So dress as per the office.

Follow all the meeting etiquettes

Ensure that your camera is on while the meeting is going on. Keeping the camera off will put the negative image of you that you might not be paying the attention to the meeting. Also, make sure that the space where you are working should look like professional. Working is kitchen is no doubt acceptable but is not professional.

When you are not speaking, it is polite to mute yourself.

Be on time

Punctuality is another characteristic that makes you look professional. So be sure that you are on time for all the meetings. Also, never forget to answers the mail promptly. Arrive for the meetings on time. And, in the case when you are not close to your computer, let your manager know in advance.

Communicate with open mind

Also, your attention in the meeting is very important to access your role for the company. Be attentive in the meeting, participate actively, and share your thoughtful ideas in the meeting.

We understand that conversing on the vide chats with the managers, coworkers, and supervisor is awkward and inconvenient, still never let it be the obstacle in your career.

Try making new connections

Yes, since the internship is remotely, you might not be having the direct interaction with your co workers, managers, and even the supervisors. Still, making new connections is very important. Internship is the time when you can build connections for your future bright career. In the remote internship program, participate actively in the group meetings. Always attend the social event and be in long interaction with your co workers. You can also participate in the Virtual coffee date with all your teammates.

Ask for feedback

No matter you are working from home, the point is you are working for a company. So asking for the feedback will help you access your performance. Ask your supervisors and managers to give the feedback on your performance, ask for their expectations, access if you able to meet their expectations, and ask them for the advice how to bring improvement in your performances.  

Take initiatives

It does not matter that you are working from home, be in touch with all the projects running in your company. Take initiative to participate or contribute in different projects. The company prefers interns who are good in taking initiatives instead of waiting for the assignments given to them.

Show your positive behavior

All the company, no matter what is their culture, the prefer having somebody who can spread positivity and positive vibes in the working area. So always show yourself optimistic and passionate for the work.

Be polite and courteous

This is also an important part for setting up the positive impression.

The bottom line

So these are some tips to set a positive impression in the remote internship program!    



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