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How to create the sense of belonging in employees at work?

 In order to make the employees perform their best at the workplace, there is need to make the employee feel connected to the office. For making the employee to perform their best, the company or the manager needs to create the sense of belongings in employees at work. 

If you also want your workplace to be happy and vibrant with full of positive energy, you need to make your employees full of energy and passion. And, the employee will only show their passion when they are having the sense of belonging at work.

In order to make the employee having the sense of belonging at work place, this guide will definitely help you. Here in this guide, we are listing some of the tips that will help you create or generate the sense of belonging for the company in the mind of your staff.

How to create the sense of belongings in employees at work?

As per Mark Ingwer, the company need to follow the six key points which includes control, growth, self expression, recognition, care, and belongings in order to generate the feeling of connectedness among the employees with the company.

Those businesses which are having the potential to achieve these six core needs are more likely to grow faster. With these six key approaches, the company will succeed in generating the feeling of connectedness among the employees and thus they will perform better and help the company to thrive well.

Following we are going to discuss deeply on every of these six key points in order to generate the feeling of belongings among the employees and to make them feel more connected to the company:


Providing the employee with the power to have control on their work will help in empowering them. This will further help in enhancing the creativity, confidence, and the commitment of the employee making them more dedicated and passionate for their work.

Also, several researches also proved that those employees who are having more control over their work, they are likely to be more creative, and productive. It is proven the providing the employee with the power to have control on their work will generate the sense of importance among them. This helps in making them feel connected to the company and important for the company. And, this is a great way to enhance the productivity of the employee.

Self expression

Employees in order to not hate the company should be given with the freedom to express themselves. Many companies are having the rule of the uniform in the company that enforces the employees to only wear the uniform.

Strictly following the uniform can sometimes leads to the generation of the revolution among the minds of the employees. Sometimes, the cases even approached the court where the employees demand the company to give them the freedom to be themselves and express what they are.

In order to make the employees love the company, love working in the company, passionate for the work, and have the sense of belongings, the company instead of sticking to their depressing rules, should allow the employees as well to express themselves, their culture, as well as what they actually are.

Also, laws of many countries have also empowered the employees that they can wear anything at the work place. The company in order to create the feeling of connectedness in the mind of the employees for the company, they should make them feel freedom while working for or in the company.


A survey suggests that most of the employees prefer growth over the salary increment. No doubt that salary increment work as motivator improving the productivity of the employees.

Still, most of the employees feel more connected with the company when they get more promotions regardless of the increase in the salary. The reason is that most of the employees prefer growth and advanced post in the industry.

Managers by promoting their employees by a fair mean can help retain the talent in the company without adding much bonus in the form of hike in the salary. Though the salary increment is also essential for the employees in order to maintain their productivity and passion for the work. And, the growth in the field will act as catalyst in generating the sense of being connected with the company in employees.

So these company in order to retain their employees or the talents, they should need to consider the important of the fair growth and the increment in the salary. When the employees on their good performance get reward in the form of growth, they feel the sense of belongings and this is what the most important for enhancing and maintaining the productivity.


The company should never ignore any of the employee. In order to retain the talent, the company is required to recognize the performance of the employee and should reward them with growth, salary increment, and appreciations. Also, the company should never forget to appreciate the employees for all their best performance as well as improvement in their performance.


This is the fact that is more important for the employee in order to perform well. In the case when the employee is not feeling the connection with the company, no one can trigger them to perform their best. So the company should focus on inclusion in order to make their employees feel more related or connected to the company.


It is last but not least. The company should care for their needs, promote them, understand their sentiments, and care for them.

The bottom line

So these are some of the tips that will help the company to generate the sense of connectedness in employees with the firm. 


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