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How to differentiate Cover letter from the value proposition letter?

 There are basically two types of letters which are given to the recruiter by the applicant/job seeker/candidate while the hiring process, which helps a lot during the recruitment process for both the applicant as well as the recruiter. These letter are described below :




Value proposition letter-

Value proposition letter is the letter which is sent to the recruiter by the applicant alongside the CV. The value proposition letter includes the skills, strengths, attributes, qualities, accomplishments of the applicants which helps in discriminating him from the other candidates, which makes his application stand out from the application of the other candidates. This letter enables the employer of the company to understand why they should hire him, what makes him different from the other candidates, what values he can bring to the company using his skills and strengths.

Cover letter-

Cover letter is also sent to the recruiter by the applicant which helps in the hiring process. It is considered necessary if an applicant wants to sell his application. Not every employer expects the cover letter, but some do. Cover letter also acts as the introduction letter for the applicant. When a detailed description regarding your skills or working style is required , considering your past achievements, a cover letter should be provided.

Difference between Value proposition letter and cover letter

Now we will discuss the Difference between Value proposition letter and Cover letter.




Cover letter comes into handy while the job search process of the applicant. Cover letter is the type of letter which focuses on the past achievements or what the applicant has done in his previous jobs, positions, which enables the recruiter to understand his working style, his abilities regarding what he can achieve further in the organization or what value he can bring to the organization with help of his skills and his past experiences. The length of the cover letter also differs from the value proposition letter as it is long in terms of length as compared to the value proposition letter. The ideal length of the cover letter is to be considered as 4-5 paragraphs long [ about a page]. There is no such guideline or rule mentioned by anyone or the employers regarding the length of the cover letter but to be on the safer side it is considered to be 4-5 paragraphs long.

Cover letter provides an edge over the applications of the other candidates by including the past achievements as well as the past working experience mentioned in the cover letter. The most important part of the cover letter is where the past experiences and past job positions have been mentioned in the letter, because it gives the employer an idea about the working qualities or strengths of the applicant/ job seeker/ candidate. Cover letter is basically used when an explanation is needed. The cover letter should consist the information about the applicant, regarding his qualifications, academic achievements, any other curricular achievements. The cover letter should have the date mentioned in it when it is written or when it is to be sent. It should have the name of the employer or the recruiter to whom it is to be sent and also the address is mandatory. It should have proper salutation [ respected madam, sir ] . There should be three paragraphs involved in the cover letter, those are- opening paragraph, middle paragraph, second middle paragraph. A cover letter should consist of the contact information and finally the closing of the cover letter. In short the cover letter should be able to cover these three parts which are introduction, sales pitch and the conclusion.



Value proposition letter helps the employer to understand about the skills, strengths, attributes of the applicant. Value proposition letter is normally provided by the applicant to the employer which enables him to understand why should they hire the applicant, what the applicant  can contribute to the firm, company, organization. Basically the value proposition letter helps the employer to understand what the results the applicant can give to the company in order to achieve the long term goals. The value proposition letter mainly focuses on the present and the future, it does not focuses on the past unlike the cover letter. The value proposition letter does not consists of any kind of past job experiences or any information regarding the past job positions.  The length of the value proposition letter is considered to be small as compared to the length of the cover letter. The ideal length of the value proposition letter is approximately 100-150 words. Not longer than this, as it would not be considered as effective as with the shorter length. Value proposition letter should be provided by the applicant to the employer in order to sell his application which includes his skills and strengths. Value proposition letter should have all the qualities what the employer is expecting for that particular job position, the letter should highlight that particular quality, skill, strength. To gain an edge over the application of the other candidates the value proposition letter should have sufficient numbers included in it which helps the employer to understand the results provided by the applicant in an effective manner. The value proposition letter should be edited twice or maybe sometimes thrice by the applicant, incase of any kind of errors done previously and also in order to rectify those particular errors.

The bottom line

As we can see it is not so difficult to differentiate between the cover letter and the proposition letter, though there are minor differences not so major but the difference can be easily seen.


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