Monday, 22 November 2021

How to get the best deals before buying a car.

 The decision of buying a car can be a difficult one. the car is the second most precious asset of a person growth. If you are willing to buy your first dream car, here are some tips which one should consider before buying a car that will help you to fetch a good deal on a car. The tips mentioned in this article will guide you through the path of fetching a good deal before buying a car and a smooth buying experience.

  • Know the manufacturing date.- when you walk into the showroom for buying a car the salesperson will start negotiating the price of the car to make you believe that you are getting a better deal. The first thing you should ask the salesperson is the VIN [vehicle identification number] chasis number of the vehicle. This will help you to know about the manufacturing date of the vehicle. You would not like to buy a car which is a year old. If the dealer is offering you a 3-5 month old car then you should ask the salesperson for a discount. The older the car is, the more you can negotiate for a better offer. If the car is 6 months older than you can get a good deal on the car as compared to the car which is just a month old. If the car is old, then the dealer too wants to sell the car in order to rotate the inventory which makes your chances of getting a good deal higher.


  • No verbal talks- While negotiating a deal with the dealer always make sure that the terms of the deals are in written format, and not in the oral manner. The verbal talks done during the deal have no legal rights. All the deals that the dealer is offering you like the discounts, offers, free accessories , should be mentioned in writing.  There is a possibility that the dealer may say later that no such deals were offered to you while negotiating the terms of the deal.


  • Cash discounts over the accessories- the accessories available in the dealership are generally high at cost as compared to the outside ones. You may get the same accessories outside at a better price. So you can say no to the unnecessary accessories and ask for a cash discount in return of these accessories. The dealers will try to add as many accessories as they can to keep rotating their inventory stock. You can say no to those extra accessories. So it is always advisable to say no to the extra accessories and ask for a cash discount in return of the accessories.


  • Do your homework- while going to buy a car you should do your research about the deals offered by the other dealerships on the same particular car you are willing to buy. You can contact other dealerships through their websites on the internet. You can also find their contact details on their websites. Its always best to ask your friends or people in your nearby area who have bought the same model of the car and asking them for the price and discounts offered by the dealers at the time of purchasing the car. The researches done on the internet can be free of cost. Generally the dealers dont cut the prices too low on the phone calls or on the internet, but they will ask you to come to their dealership to final the deal. You can use the technique of cutting the salesperson by the offer of the another salesperson, for instance you can say that youve been offered a better deal by the another dealership, by doing this there are chances that the salesperson will lower their offer, this doesnt always work but it is worth giving a shot.


  • Know when to buy a car- while buying a car one should know the best discount season. The dealership tend to offer more discounts and offers on the festive season. For instance the, there are more offers available on the cars during the festivals of holiDiwali, and dusshera in india. The salespersons have targets to complete during these festivals, they try to achieve these targets by providing discounts on the car deals. Therefore, one must prefer buying a car near the date of such festivals. Also one must prefer buying a car when the market of the car is low or when any other competitive car is launched, because of this the dealer will try to lower their offer in order to sell the car as soon as possible. Knowing when to buy your car can save you a lot. Therefore one should know when exactly to buy the car as it would help him / her in grabbing the best possible deal on the dream car.


  • Know what to pay for- while buying the car one must know what taxes he have to pay mandatorily in order to get the car. There are certain taxes and insurance policies which one can skip in order to buy a car. The dealer will ask you to do the insurance of the car from the dealership but you can find better insurance policies on the outside as compared to the inside of the dealership. A dealer can add unnecessary taxes and duties on the car, therefore you should know what you are paying for. One can also consider asking for help to a legal advisor or financer for better tax and insurance strategies.


One can consider the above mentioned points in the article for a smoother buying experience on getting a best deal while buying the car.

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