Thursday, 18 November 2021

How to give the resume a competitive advantages?

 When a company wants to hire some employees which will help them in achieving their organizational goals, the company or firm starts the recruitment process. The head of this process is a HR Manager. He/she is the one who manages this process. The applicant or job seeker applies to the particular jobs by sending an application when the application is accepted, the HR manager selects the suitable application for the job. The decision behind selecting the appropriate application is based on the resume shared by the applicant in their respective applications. Resume is a document which contains the qualification as well as the academic achievements and skills of the applicant in a single file. These Resume have all the required information regarding the job, this resume decides whether the application of the applicant is being accepted or it is being rejected by the employer. In order for your resume to be selected it is considered that the resume should have all the potential to fulfill the employers need for the job. The resume should be able to speak for you like, who you are, what are your strengths ,  attributes, etc. it should be able to tell the manager why you are the best for the particular job for which you are sending your application. For your resume to stand out from the resumes of the other applicant there are few strategies which an applicant should adopt. The followings strategies helps a resume to give a competitive advantage over the resume of the candidates. They are as follows as;


  • Aiming for a position
  • Show Achievements
  • Interesting layout


    1. Aiming for a particular position- While writing a resume an applicant should keep this point in mind as it can come handy many times. When an employer or recruiter reads a resume it should clearly indicate him about which position you are sending an application for. The resume should clearly aim for a particular job position for which the applicant is willing to work for. By including this strategy while making of your resume the recruiter gets to know that you are talking about a particular job position. Your resume should pass the qualification criteria for that particular job position, also if you have any additional skill relating to that job you should mention  it into your resume, if you have any sort of experience in that kind of particular job one should also mention it in his/her resume. One of the best effective way of getting the attention of the recruiter is by mentioning the job position as a title or a sub title in your resume. By doing this the applicant is showing the manager that he/she is dedicated to that particular work or job. As an example, if an applicant wants to apply or send his resume for the job of content writer and he has a experience of 5 years in the content writing field he/she should build a resume which starts with CONTENT WRITER WITH 5 YEARS EXPERIENCE AT xyz. Or the resume should have this as its title or sub title. By doing this the applicant is stating that he is concerned about the particular job position and he is determined about that particular job as well as by doing this he is also indicating that he has a experience in this particular field which makes his/her resume stand out from the resume of the other candidates.    


    1. Show achievements.- A resume not only becomes effective by just mentioning the skills and past experiencing but it also becomes effective by showing the achievements that you have achieved in your previous job profile or academic time period. A recruiter gets to know about your will power that how much dedicated you were about your aims or goals in your previous job session. The results of the achievements tell the recruiter about the difficulties you faced during your job profile how you tackled your challenges and what steps you took in order to overcome those difficulties and give the organization the best results. This will help the manager or recruiter to understand about your depth, strengths, this is what makes your resume stand out from the resume of the other candidates. An applicant should clearly state that how did he achieved his previous job targets as well as what he did to achieve those milestones.


    1. Interesting layout  The information provided by the applicant is not sufficient enough as per the preference of the recruiter. The layout of the resume also plays an important role in selection of your resume over the resume of the other candidates. Many studies of HR managements have shown that the content of the resume is not sufficient enough for the selection of the resume, the format, layout of the resume also plays equal role in the selection of the resume of a particular applicant. Many researchers or experts also believes that the HR managers have their respective preference regarding the layout and format of the resume. Some recruiter prefer the resume to be 3 page long, the columns mentioned in the resume must be in a symmetric  manner. In short the resume must look neat and clean the details in those particular columns should not flow on the pages. The resume must be neat and tidy and it should be easily able to read for the recruiter or HR Manager. An applicant can also use different types of colors in his resume to make it look more attractive as well as classy while some employers prefer it in a formal way. Therefore the preferences of the employer for the layout of the resume vary from employer to employer.


The bottom line


The above discussed were the 3 strategies which might come into handy while writing a resume which will provide a competitive advantage over the resume of the other candidates.




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