Monday, 8 November 2021

How to go organic?

 These days, the healthy food is becoming the synonym of the Organic food. Well, it is also true up to some extent. The trend of organic food is increasing much as it is much healthier and prevent several kind of health conditions. Since, there is only use of organic material while growing or producing the organic food or there is no use of pesticides or chemicals in it, it is way more healthy then the simple food grown using chemicals.

Though going organic is healthy but sometimes it is not affordable. The organic food in the market are much expensive and are having almost double the costs as the simple food. This is the reason why many of the people avoid going organic despite impacting their health negatively.

Well, buying the organic items from the super market is not the only option. There are several more alternative one can do to switch to organic without much impacting their living budget.

Here in this guide we will discuss, how to go organic. But before jumping to the main topic, first we will learn, what is organic food, and why it is important or beneficial to go organic?

What is organic food?

Organic foods are those food items which are produced using the organic material only. These kind of food items are having no or very less use of pesticides, antibiotics, or any other kind of chemic which can have negative impact both on the environment as well as on the human health.

Why one should go for organic food?

Following are some reasons to go organic:

Only organic food guarantees for no toxin

It is only organic food that ensures that there is no use of harmful pesticides, antibiotics, or any other chemicals in the food. In order to increase the production, most of the farmers or food producers use harmful pesticides, antibiotics, or many more chemicals that accumulates in our body and cause harmful impact. But the organic food are free from all these harmful chemicals and thus are comparatively more safe.

More nutritious

The chemical used in the food make it grow faster without much nutrition. While the organic food contains more antioxidants, less chemical residues, and thus are more nutritious.

Help fighting the chemical changes

The use of pesticides in food and antibiotic are leading to have negative impact on the environment. The pesticides are becoming the major contributor in the water pollution. These harmful chemical also get accumulated in the body of animals, humans, and wildlife leading to have negative impact on the climate.

Since the organic foods are not having such chemicals and thus are environmental safer as well.

No synthetic fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers are having much negative impact on the health of the humans as well as other living creatures on the earth. The organic items are manufactured or produced only using 100% organic materials and thus is absolute safe. The organic material used for the production of organic foods are safe for health and are also bio degradable thus are having no negative impact instead are having positive impact on the environment.

No sewage sludge

Many times the conventional farmers uses the sewage sludge as a fertilizers. These are harmful for human health and also the pollutants for the environment. The organic farmers do not uses such flush and thus making the food more safer both for the human health as well as the environment.  

No antibiotics in milk

Many of the animal owners are injecting antibiotics and other chemicals in the animal to increase their production. This not only impact the animal body negatively, but is also causing the antibiotic to come in milk. The consumption of this milk causes harmful impact on the human health like drug resistance and many more. The organic milk or meat are having no such antibiotics or chemicals and thus no negative impact.

Hormone free animal products

Also, many animal owners injects hormone to increase the production. This also impact negatively on the health of the animal along with the negative impact on the health of the humans. The organic milk and meat are not having such hormones.

How to go organic within budget?

As buying organic items from supermarket is much expensive, this makes it much difficult for the middleman to go organic.

Since, there is no use of chemicals, hormones, and any other unfair practices, the production is low. Also, the demand of organic items are high, thus the price is also high. This makes it out of budget for most of the peoples.

Still, one can go organic without pressuring much on their budget. Here are some tips to go organic without being pressurizing your budget:

Grow your own food

The best way to go organic without much stretching your budget is try growing your own food at home. You can use your roof for cultivating cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Also, kitchen farming, backyard farming, and roof farming using the organic methods. And, then consume your own cultivated organic items.

Prefer buying organic version of shell less or peel less fruits, vegetables

As you know that farmers used to spray pesticides or chemicals on the top surface of the food items. Those fruits which are having shell are having less impact of chemical inside the shell. The food items with shell or peels can be buy as usual. While the peel less fruits are worth buying the organic version.

Seasonal food items

Organic food also comes at affordable price during the season time. So, it is best option to go for organic for the seasonal food items.

The bottom line

So these are some methods to go organic without stretching much your budget!    



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