Tuesday, 2 November 2021

How to inspire creativity in workplace?

 When it comes to innovation, creativity is very essential in workplace. Having creativity in workplace will not only boost up the motivation level of the employees but will also help in increasing the productivity in the company.

Do you also want your employees to more creative and innovative? Here is this guide that will help you boost up the creativity in your employees.

Following we are listing some of the best ideas in order to boost up creativity and innovation in employees:

Stimulate your employees with intellectual challenges

For maintaining the creativity level high in employees, there is need to keep employees stimulated. In order to increase the creativity level in employees, the leader can opt to stimulate the employees with the intellectual challenges.

There are several kind of problem solving activities that you can introduce to your employees ad this will help in enhancing the creativity in your workplace. AS a leader, one can approach enhancing the creativity by diversifying the proposed solutions as well as processes. Also, a leader can also opt to challenge employees by providing them task to think out of box as the creative and the critical thinking plays a major role in enhancing the creativity in the workplace.

Providing the employees with the genuine challenges will help encouraging employees to stretch their creativity and come up with some new innovative idea which will be beneficial not only for the growth of the company buts also for the growth of that employee as well.

Define goals not the methods

Another approach that a leader can follow to enhance the creativity in workplace is by setting up the goals but providing the employees the freedom in order to choose the method for achieving the goal.

Providing goals along with guiding the path might be cutting the creative wings of the employee making them less innovative. Allowing them with the freedom to choose their own method in order to achieve the final target is one of the best ways to enhance the creativity in the employees.

A leader should allow their employees to achieve the targeted goal via their own method, should encourage them to think out of box to achieve even beyond the goal, guide them if they are deviating from the right path, understand their approach, and free them to follow their own path.

Leader should allow the employee to use their own technique, even in the case when you are not in favor of their preferred technique, at least first listen their concern, why they think to use this strategy, and then make the final decision whether to allow them go ahead with the technique or think something different.         

Listening your employees’ consideration will give wings to their creativity and thus will enhance the innovation in the workplace.

Tight resources to enhance creativity

Sometimes, restriction on the use of resource also helps in emergence of the creative idea among the employees. Many time, we are having good idea but are running out of resources. In that case, the leader can challenge the employees to think more creatively and achieve the goal using the restricted resources only.

Sometimes, the creative mind can achieve the goal in tight budget and sometimes even in zero budget. All is required is the motivation to wake up the creative mind and think out of box to get the aim in restricted resources.

Creative taskforce for maximum production

  Creativity is required for maximizing the production of the employees. In a team, there is need for diverse skills in order to deal with different tasks in a project.

So in order to maximize the productivity of the employees, one should first focus on building a creative taskforce with diverse skills, background, and prospective.

Provide safe environment to nurture creativity

When the employees in your workplace feel safe regarding their job, they will feel more free to think out of box and thus more creativity.

The workplace environment with the  fear of being get fired for any new kind of worse idea will cut down the creative wings of the employees. Instead one should provide the employees a free sky where they can fly with their creative wings, think wide and thus maintain the creativity and the innovation in the workplace.

The fear of recrimination should be absolutely eliminated from the workplace and thus help the employees feel safe to share their ideas freely.

Encourage lifelong earning

When the leader focus more on learning continuously, the environment in that workplace will be more creative and innovative. the employees will feel safe to learn more and thus will get the option to develop more skills.

The leader should motivate their employees to learn more, innovate more, think more, and thus be more creative.

Motivate for work break

Break in between work will helps in maintaining the creativity. The continues work will cause monotonous life and this will reduce the creative thinking and innovation among the Employees. Thus in order to maintain the creative of the employees, one should encourage their employees to take break in between work, go for vacation. In fact the leader can plan for team break, team vacation, and many more recreational activities.

Boost up creativity with brainstorming employees

Brainstorming session where all the employees are free to share their any idea on any topic for the welfare of the company. The company can organize brain storming session either on lunchtime every week or monthly or as per convenience which allows the employees to share their feedback, ideas, and many more will also help in enhancing the creativity in the workplace.

The bottom line

So these are some of the best ideas to enhance and maintain the creativity in the workplace!

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