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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Co-Worker

 Do you ever write any recommendation letter for any of your co worker? If so, you might be confused on what to mention in order to assist them obtain their target. As your co worker have not report you directly, also, it was not you who decide their targets or evaluate their annual performance. So it becomes quite difficult for you to assist them make an excellent impression on a board of directors, hiring manager, manager, or other supervisors?

In order to write a recommendation letter, you first need to understand that you are having a specific perception into their skills in the workplace. As a person who labored besides your colleague, you need to mention not best to their abilities and progress, but also to their operating style, reliability, and mindset.


Write a best Letter of Recommendation for a Co-Worker

Make sure that you will need to mention their weaknesses in a positive manner in order to keep them boost along with making them realizes their weak points. For being good to help your co worker, you need to make them realize the truth but in positive way. You should never be harsh in the letter, but should also not keep it different from truth. 

You should better not accept for writing the recommendation letter for your co workers unless you are not passionate for their skills. It does not matter how much you want to help them, you should need to enthusiastic for their skills as well in order to help them in real sense. Also, make sure you are not using any wrong reference as it can lead to legal issues.

In the case when you are not having any thing positive to mention, better you should stay honest while writing the recommendation letter in positive way. Gazing a few guidelines mentioned below will help you write the first-rate feasible letter of recommendation, and will also assist your co-employee get the process.

Before writing the recommendation letter, one should first ask for the following questions:


1. For whom the letter needs to address

Sometimes, the colleague might ask you to write a general trendy letter of recommendation, in that case, having the information regarding the person whom you need to address the letter will help you in approaching the satisfactory level. In the case of letter of recommendation for the personal purpose, you should have more precise information in order to help them better.

2. Request for looking into the resume and the past working experience?

While writing the recommendation letter, you need to stay on the same page for the details like the skills and the past working experiences. Also, make sure that you never miss to mention the attributes, skills, and achievement which matter most for the recruiter or for the hiring manager. In order to help your friend, make sure that you are creating the best impression of them in the behalf of your colleague. 

3. Achievements that need to be highlighted?

While writing the recommendation letter, mention the achievements and the skills that matters most for the hiring manager. Make sure you are never over do to emphasize on the achievements.    

4. How you can add value to the company?

For all the companies, what matter the most in the resume is the category where the applicant mentioned how they can contribute in adding value to the company and enhance the growing pace of the firm.

In the recommendation letter also, one should also mention how they can contribute their skills in advancement of the company and in improving the growing pace of the company.


5. What should not be mentioned in the recommendation letter?

The letter of recommendation should be completely on the base of truth. Never incorporate anything which is not actual. Though you can aggravate the positive achievement, but should never mention the lie.

Also, never mentioned any reason that might prevent the hiring manger not to hire your friends. Many times, some professionals have done some mistakes in their career or are having some weaknesses. In the letter of recommendation, you should never mention their mistakes and should never add their weaknesses.

What you should include in your recommendation letter?

Include the following information in your recommendation letter:


Accurate Information: Always add only the accurate information. Avoid adding any kind of lie related to the achievements, skills, or any other. Also, make sure, you are adding the correct identification information. Never make any assumption while writing the recommendation letter. Instead communicate directly with the person and ask them their full career details, their strengths, their achievements, etc.  

Along with this, also mentioned the exact time period when you have worked with that professional.

Measurable Data: It is always recommended to add figures, if you know. For example, instead of writing “ boosted sales” mentioning the figure that how much they boosted the scale is more effective and impressive.  

Recommendation letter should be grammatically correct: In order to create a better impression, make sure that your recommendation letter is perfectly spelled content and should be grammatically correct as well.

A Good Subject Line: A attractive subject line while sending the recommendation letter via email is very important. In order to make the recommendation letter more impressive, add a clear subject line. It will also help the email not to go in thespam folder.

The bottom line

So these are some tips for writing the recommendation letter for your friend!

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