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How to write value proposition letter?

 Value proposition letter is something that helps the company to convince their customers that why they should buy product from them. Similarly, in the context of job seekers, it is a kind of letter that helps the applicant to convince their hiring manager to hire them for the job.

With the help of the Value proposition letter, the candidate gets the option to demonstrate their skills, highlight their strengths, and explain how they can prove to be one of the most essential asset for the company.

But the value proposition letter need to be attractive in order to impress the hiring manager. Also, it should be concise and small and should not sound boring. In few words around 200,  the professionals need to highlight all their skills, strengths, how they can add value to the company, and how they can prove to be an important asset for the company. The professional via the value proposition letter need to demonstrate how they can contribute in enhancing the growth pace of the company.

In order to craft out a strong and impressive personal value proposition letter, the professional in their letter should explain the skills they are having, the expertise that they gained from the previous roles, and the statement that how they can be asset for the company help the company in gaining more growth.    

This guide will help all the professional with some tips that will help them write an impressive and strong value proposition letter. But before learning the tips for writing the value proposition letter, one first should understand what is value proposition letter? 

What IS value PROPOSITION letter?

Basically value proposition letter is nothing but a letter which helps the employer or the manager in the recruitment process as it includes the skills, attributes, achievements of the candidate. It is considered as great way to demonstrate what makes the candidate unique or what helps the candidate to standout from the rest of the applicants. It also lays emphasis on why should the firm or employer hire the candidate and what value he can add to the company using his skills and attributes. It is generally written by the recruiter (applicant, job seeker) to the Human resource manager of the company or firm. This letter helps the employer to understand the qualities, skills, of the candidate. It enables the employer or recruiter to think about how the skills of this particular candidate can be useful for the firm in the near future. It helps a lot during the hiring process. The length of value proposition letter is generally small, about 100-150 words.


Following are some tips for writing the impressive value proposition letter:


    • Structure of the value proposition letter: The structure of the value proposition letter plays an important role. It attracts the attention of the recruiter. It should involve some key factors which indirectly influence the recruiter to hire you rather than hiring the other candidates. These following tips(factors) that a job seeker or candidate should consider while writing a value proposition letter are described below:
    • Target you positionThis tips is the important tip amongst the others as it involves targeting your position, ( knowing about the position for which you are applying). After knowing about the position or post for which you are willing to apply you should know about what skills or strengths does this position requires to perform the respective task or job given by the employer.
    • Highlight your skills: An applicant should be able to know his skills, strengths, attributes. He should mention those skills and qualities of his in the value proposition letter as it would help his application to stand out from the application of the other candidates which will eventually help in his selection. Asking your friends or colleagues about your skills or qualities will help you to discover them, after discovering you can work on them. After knowing the skills one should be able to evaluate the skills as per the requirement of the job
    • Introducing numbers: The value proposition letter should contain numbers as by introducing numbers it gives an edge over the application of the other Candidates. If a applicant wants to demonstrate how he can be beneficial to the organization he should include values or numbers to this letter.
    • Tailoring the letter: An applicant should tailor his letter before sending it. He should edit it before sending it. He should go through to it twice or thrice before sending it to the employer. The letter should include all the key points regarding what the employer or the job position wants and what you can give to them or what can you bring to the table( your share in the company).
    • Future oriented: The value proposition letter should lay emphasis on the future rather than the past. It should include your share in the future achivements of the firm or the milestones which a company can achieve by your help. One should not bluff about what he has done for the other frims or about his achievementsin the past. This is the difference between a value proposition letter and a resume.
    • Length of the letter: The Length of the letter should be small in size. It should not exceed more 100-150 words. The applicant should highlight his key features which makes him stand out from the other candidates.

THe bottom line

SO these are some tips for writing the strong and impressive value proposition letter!



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