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Most expensive cities in USA for living.

 The majority of Americans live in the cities of the USA. Not only, just the residents of the country but also the migrants from the other countries also prefer to live in the cities of the USA. Mostly the migrants come from the other countries to USA in search of good jobs, and to experience  a high standard of living. The cities share one thing in common , the costly apartments , expensive cost of living , etc. the cities offer residents, a chance to grow rich in culture as well as financially, greater work opportunities, a promosing standard of living, high annual salaries, and also a luxury lifestyle for most of the migrants and the Americans too. Due to these following reasons mentioned above , the majority of people are drawn towards it.

Researches proved that the cost of living plays an Important role in determining whether the cities are expensive or not. The cost of living is determined by some factors which are the price you pay for transportation, electricity, internet ,energy , water , fuel, gas , education , and various other essential services. These all factors contribute to the cost of living in a city. These are the few factors which were considered while making a list of the cities which have the most expensive cost of living in the united states of America. But these values can also differ in real life from city to city as these factors do not paint the whole picture. Below in this article we will be discussing the top most cities with the expensive cost of living in the USA. 

  • Washington D.C.- Majority of people come here to live in the city as it the prestige of living in the capital of the country, well the other come here to live for the job opportunity the city offers as this city has wonderful opportunities when it comes to enhancing the career. The city is also ranked as the 3rd best place to live in for the young population. The cost of living in the nations capital is 62% above the national average cost of living. The average cost  of living in the city is calculated approximately around 3000$ , however the unemployment rate in the city is high. As per the unemployement data from the december 2020 the rate was around 5.3% .
  • Los angeles-  los angleles is also known as the centre of the nations film industry and the television industry. The Hollywood sign attracts tourists. The famous production companies like the Paramount pictures, universal pictures, warner brothers give the tourists behind- the  scene tours. los angeles port is considered as the busiest port in the world. The average cost of living for a individual can go upto 3500$ per month. However, if you choose the nice part of the city like Santa monica or west hollywood for living the cost of living can easily go upto 8000$, thats shocking right!

  • Hawaii-  Hawaii is the state of united states of America which is 2000 miles away from the USA mainland. It is only state of America which is in the tropics. The state is famous is for its volcanoes and also the beaches and the scenic beauty that the nature of the state offers. If a person is fond of beaches then he/she must come to live perks of this exquisite paradise. The Honolulu is the most expensive city to live in the state of Hawaii. As the state is located in the pacific ocean far from the mainland the good to be arrived here should come via air or water, which makes the goods high in cost. The residents pays a high amount of living for just about everything. The groceries are about 70% higher than the national average. The average cost of living in the honlulu city of Hawaii is calculated around 4250$ . if you are planning to shift to honululu then you must get ready to pay higher price for almost everything.

  • San Francisco-  the city is considered to be the centre of for the cultural, financial , IT sector, and commercial sector. The median home cost in the san Francisco can go upto 1471200$. People in the san Francisco make the decision of leaving the city on daily basis. The more you want to live near the bay area the more expensive it gets. The average cost of living for a individual can go upto 4600$. The perks of living here are plenty. The unemployement rate in the city goes up till 7%.  The cost of living in the city is 80% higher than the national average.

  • New York city-  new York city is the most densely populated city in the united states. New York is also said to be the most populated megacities among the world. New York city is also defined as the cultural, financial, media, commercial centre of the world. New York city sits on the top of the list of the most expensive city to live in the USA. The city has a population of approximately 8.4 million. The Manhattan city  of the new York has the cost of living 154% higher than the national average of the USA. The average cost of living for a individual is approximately around 4800$. The city has a beautiful night life, which attracts the migrants as well the Americans to it. The time square is the centre of the tourists attraction for the night life viewers. The city mostly attracts the youth population.   

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