Saturday, 6 November 2021

Real health benefits of smiling and laughing

 We often hear that smiling and laughing is having a great positive impact on our health and body. Almost all the counselors, doctors, as well as experienced psychiatrist often recommend to smile and laugh more and more in order to have better health and life.  

Smiling is probably the easiest thing to do that you can do for your health, and it will be having the positive impact on your mind and health after the hectic and long stressful day. Just have a smile and face everything going on in your life. Even our elders also recommend to face and struggle all the issues in our life with smile. The scientific reason behind this talk is that smiling enhance the willpower of the persona and thus help them pass every low times of their life easily with minimum negative impact of stress on their body.           

Also, it is said that smiling leads to more exercise of muscle and thus gives direct advantage. Other than this, there are several more advantages that one can enjoy just by keep smiling and laughing more.

Laughing not only make people happy going, and fun loving, charming, but provides several more kind of health benefits. The health benefits of smiling includes release of happy hormones that helps in relaxing our mind as well as body. Other benefits includes creation of ripple effects, more charming personality, and many more.

Today in this guide, we are going to discuss on all the advantages that an individual can enjoy just by smiling and having a bit of fun in their life.

What are the positive impact of smile on health?

Smiling and laughing is the best and most easiest exercise that one can do for themselves and enjoy several positive effects on their health, mind, and body. Laughing daily for 30 min to 1 hrs comes under the category of exercise as it helps in more contraction of facial muscle as well as release several kind of beneficial hormones and endorphins helpful in making our day cheerful.


Given below are some of the major health benefits of smiling:

Release of happy hormones and endorphins

Happy hormones alternatively known as endorphins are known to release by smiling. Smiling helps in commanding the mind of the human to release a kind of small molecular peptide known as endorphin. It is a kind of neuropeptide that helps in reducing the stress level as well as provide us with power to face whatever the circumstances is going on in our life.

The kind of neuro hormones that are released by smiling includes endorphins, dopamine, as well as serotonin. The endorphins are known to have pain relieving impact on body as they are having the characteristic of mild pain reliever. While the serotonin are having the function of anti depressant and thus it helps in reducing the stress level as well as help the individual to fight against the issue of depression.

This is how smiling helps the individual in forgetting their pain up to some extent and be more stress free. Also, several studies claims that smiling helps not only to prevent the person from the depression but also helps the depressed person relieve faster from the issue of stress as well as depression.

Most of the psychiatrist along with the medicine are also using the laughing and smiling therapy in order to help people suffering from depression to relieve out from their mental issues and stress issues.

In the case when you are not having any reason to smile, even the fake is also beneficial for your health. So smile as much as you can. It is also proved that forceful smile can also helps in boosting up the happiness level as well as the mood of the person.


In the case, when any person is suffering from depression, it is recommended them to smile as often as they can. Also, their relatives are also advised to keep them happy and smiling all the time. These helps them recover fast out of their issues.   

Creation of ripple effect

Smiling is not only having the positive health impact on you but are also having the beneficial impact on all those who are present around you. As mentioned below that on smiling, our brain reacts by releasing several kind of stress hormone that helps in relieving depression and boosting up the mood. Along with this advantage, smiling also makes other to smile as well and thus helps them in making their day cheerful as well.

When any person smiles at other person, it will not only impact positively on that person, but will have the beneficial impact on other person as it helps them feel more better. On smiling, the other person will also react by smiling back and this way it help them feel the same relaxation as you are feeling.

Positive impact on performance

Having a smiling and fun full mood will make the person favourite in their surrounding as well as in your workplace also. It is scientifically proven that a happy person is having cheerful vibes that helps in creating the positive environment. This makes other person surrounding them also feel happy and relaxed.

Also, the positive attitude by the smiling also helps in enhancing the performance of the person and thus more chances for growth and promotion. Also, when a person stays in good mood more often, people surrounding them also prefers to stay by their side.

The bottom line

So whenever the next time, you feel being kicked out, face the situation with a bright smile. And even in no reason, keep   smiling not only for you but the people surrounding you as well. So, these are some of the major beneficial health impact of smiling.   

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