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Social media do’s and don’ts for a professional

 Social media is no doubt is beneficial in several aspects. Along with keeping us connected with our loved ones and community, it also helps us in progressing our career as well. 

For a professional, Social media helps them a lot in creating their bright career. With the help of the social media, they can create their network, widen their connections, join the community with like peoples, follow the company where they want to work, and build their professional career.

The appropriate use of the social media is no doubt advantageous for the professional, but when any professional use the social media inappropriately or use it for unfair acts, this can even cost their job or might get them blacklisted in several companies.

The social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc when use effectively and appropriately can offer great advantage to the professional in building their bright career. But, in the case when any of the profession use the social media platform inappropriately and for spreading wrong message, it can ve severely disadvantageous for them.

Social media basically works both way, in case of inappropriate use, it can backfire the career of the person. So it is important for the professional to be cautious while using their social media and be careful what they are sharing to the public. All the professional in order to maintain their professionalism and proper reputation in the industry, should consider first that what they are sharing or about to share, and what their post can impact on their career.

Here in this guide, we are listing some do’s and don’ts for the social media use by the professionals in order to aid them in their job as well as search for the job.

Register your online presence

Yes, it is important for the professional to have their professional profiles on social media. Their online presence will aid them in ensuring presenting their profiles in front of several top recruiters and companies.

It is important for the professional to be present online in order to start their first virtual interaction with top employers in the world. Also, for the recruiters, they can collect details regarding your professional skills, working experience, and expertise and thus provide you a chance to work with best companies in your particular industry.  

The online presence of the professional is important in order to showcase their skills, professional expertise, and the working experience. Also, it is their online profiles that will help them make their connections with the top recruiters and thus will help them in moving up their career.

Note: Make sure that all your professional profiles on social media platforms are up to date as the employers and recruiters will find your page in order to get your current details.

Be consistent

In order to keep your online professional profile on top in front of recruiters, there is need that you should stay consistent in order to keep your profile up to date. Also, make sure, all of your social media profiles are sharing same information. It is good for you to update your information with time and adding the new milestones that you have achieved in your career, but make sure, you are updating all of your social media profile.

Never post any inappropriate content

The recruiters are smart enough to check the profiles of the professional or the employees. And, also it is quite common to get connected with the colleagues or even the seniors. So, before sharing any content, consider it once or twice that it should not be harming the value of the company in any sense.

Sharing any inappropriate content by you on the social media might get read by your seniors or the top directors of the company. It can caught you in severe trouble and might cost you your job as well. Sharing any content that can harm the values of the company you are working in might get your fired from the job. SO, be careful while posting anything on social media.

Never use social media while working hours

You manager or senior will never appreciate you to use your social media in the working hour. A few minute break in between the working hour is  okay, but in the case when you are using much of your time staying active on the social media during the working hour will impact negatively on your professional career.

Check your details on social media

The details on your social media is visible to all, even your recruiters. So, it is recommended to check what details are there on your social media. Be ensure, there is nothing any content that can create the negative image of you in front of your company directors or seniors. If there any post that can handicap your impression, delete that individual post or change its privacy settings.

Consider before what you tweet

Tweeter is one of the big social media platform. Sharing anything inappropriate can have major impact on your job. Contents for example “I HATE MY JOB” can cost you much. So consider before what you are sharing and it should not be harming the value of your company.

Network before you need

It is good idea to widen your network before you actually need it. This will help you with a support team in your needy times. Having a wide and good network will help you in your career’s bad time or when you are looking forward to expand your career up.

The bottom line

So these are some social media do’s and don’ts for a professional!       

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