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Social media Then Vs now – The evolution of social media

 The adults from late 20th centaury to early 21st centaury can witness the evaluation of the social media that how it begins with and where it have reached today.

The storm of social media impacted the entire world and has complete altered the way we used to communicate before. The evolution of social media has fuelled the digital technology and digitalizes the complete communication system.

It emerges as a bud and now have taken the entire world by its storm. In the beginning, we used to follow on the social media, but with it evaluation, out of our realization, the social media has started following us.  

Not only youngsters, in fact most of the young adults and the middle age peoples re now having the habit to check their phone right after waking up from the sleep. It is not over yet. In the entire day, every another minute, we are having the habit to open our social media application, check what is latest, and what new, and many more. And, in night, we end our day almost in the same manner.

These days, the social media has became the major part of our life. Checking news feeds, updating what new in our life, scrolling what’s new in other life , etc are now constructing the major part of our day. These all are the part of the evolution of the social media.

But, do you remember that from where it starts with? How it started becoming the major part of the day? when it completely get the control over schedule?

Most of the people who are having birth in between 1990 to 2000, they can fully witness that comparison between the social media before and now. These peoples have lived the life both before the social media and after the social media.

Where the social media started from?

IN early 1990s, there was first the invention of the World Wide Web. Soon after that, there started the inventions of different kind of chat rooms and messaging platforms. These can be considered as the earliest or the beginning form of the social media. In compare to today’s chat full of emojis, sticker, and many more, these chats used to be very simple and plain. Also, there were no facilities for the sharing of multimedia messages, images, and videos, and many more.

After this, the first recognizable social media came into existence and it was Six degrees. This platform was created in 1997 and it allows the peoples to create their profile here and connect with other peoples on the same site. And, from here the framework for the social sites came into structure.

Diversification of social media

After this, the stage of the revolution of the social media started. Blogging after this soon came into existence and get popular. And this brought the explosion of the social media platforms on the web. Different social media sites like LinkedIn and MySpace started ruling the web in the early 2000s. Like Six Degrees, these platforms were also having the primary motive to connect people and digitalized the communication. Here, peoples were also allowed to create their profile and connect with other profiles on the same sites.

Further there was development of the platforms like Flickr and Photobucket which provided the facilities to share images also online. These platforms created the space that offers the people with an entire different way for sharing information.

Real spike in the digital market

With Facebook and twitter, the real spike in the digital market were come to seen. These two sites dominated the market and proved to be the most prominent site. Along with simple messaging, Facebook allowed the peoples to share videos, and other multimedia messages. It also provided the platform to share and upload what new in the life and thus introduced the term “likes” and “comments”.

After this, several more platforms emerged targeting the specific communities. Several platforms like YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, instagram, and many more emerged to serve a small demographic allowing the people to use these platforms for a specific purpose only.

Popularity of the live videos

After instagram, the feature of the live video allowed the peoples to come online and forecast their live videos. After this, facebook and many more platforms also added the same feature on their site as well allowing the peoples to come live online and let their friends and close ones know what they are doing right now. Later, this feature of live stream become more popular in the NEWS sources. Then the traditional news sources also started introducing the LIVE feature in their channel or the platform to forecast the live NEWS, breaking news, and many more.          

Influencing and marketing

Other then communication, entertainment, and fun, the social media soon become the platform for the marketing as well. With the popularity of the social media sites, the marketing also gone digitalized. The companies along with focusing on the traditional marketing methods, also started investing and considering the social media marketing and the digital marketing as their major strategy.

Influencers and followers further become popular with the emergence and the evolution of the platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The influencers in these platforms get popular among public, get more followers and they starts influencing peoples, advertising products, and many more.

Social media -Then

The social media began as the way for the advanced and digital communication method. It was the way to share messages online.

Social media -NOW

  Now it has evolved to the means of marketing and entertainment. Though they are great way for the communication as well, still are more popularly used for the marketing and entertainment.




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