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The best way for creation of professional profiles online

 While looking for progressing in your career or finding a new job, the person is required to showcase their professional skills and working experience online. And, in order to register the online presence, the professional is required to create multiple of their accounts on different social media platforms.

The market is full of platforms where a professional is allowed to create their professional profiles in order to display their working experience as well as professionals skills online. Also, one can create their own website as well in order to register the online presence of their brand.

For professionals, having their online profile is important as t help them connect more peoples of their own profession, widen their network, and get multiple advantages in their career.

Those who are looking for job, having the online profiles is must as it is the way from where the recruiters can connect them and find their professional skills details. And, for firm, online presence is required to let the public as well as the talents to know about their company and it will help them in their campaign for brand awareness.

Here in this guide, we are listing some of the platforms as well as methods for the professionals to create their online profiles and register their presence digitally.

Make sure, you are consistent to operate your online profiles. For building a strong profiles, one need to pay attention to their profile, and keep it updating with time. Also, there is need the professionals to stay consistent on their profile while using the same pictures and themes. Ensure that your profile is up to date. All the employers as well as contacts want to see your current details, this is why updating the profile is mandatory.

Following are some of the best platforms or method that a professional can adopt in order to be online and showcase their working experience and professional skills digitally:

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platform considered to be primarily for the professionals only. So, while talking about making the professional online presence, how can one forget mentioning the name of LinkedIn.

It is no doubt the best platform for the professionals where they will get the option to interact with more peoples from their professionals, create a big professional network, and many more career related advantages. This is one of the best and most popular professional social media platform which has been used by more than 700 million peoples from all around the world. Both the employers as well talents are having their professional account on this platform and thus is also serves the way to connect the top recruiters with the top talents. The job seeking talents via this platform get the option to search for the companies having vacancies for their particular profession and get the opportunity to interact with the top recruiters and work with them. On the other side, recruiters are also using this platform for posting their jobs and for searching for the top talents. Also, they are using this platform for getting the professional background details of the applicant who have applied on their jobs.

Professional Facebook profile

When we talk about Facebook, the first thought that come in our mind is that Facebook is for entertainment. Well, no, facebook is having the features for professionals as well. The professional can also create their online brand profile or their own profile on Facebook as well. Also, it is possible for the professionals to create their own page on Facebook. One with a mission to create their professional profile, on facebook, their create their online page where their can share their professional skills, expertise, working experience, and many more.

Also, here in Facebook, one can join the professional group of their like peoples and can also like the page of the company they would like to work with. This will help them keep up to date with their desired information like upcoming job vacancies, or any update in the industry.


Twitter offers a terrific way to the professionals to create their online presence. On twitter, the professional will get the chance to showcase their expertise in industry by keep tweeting related to the industry. Also, one can follow their inspiration leaders, or the companies they would like to work in.


You might be surprised why I am listing the Pinterest for creating the online presence. Well, pinterest also offers the ideal way in order to impress your employers as well as connections. On Pinterest, one can easily highlight their resume and ensure better visibility of it.

Create your own blog/ website

In the case, when you are having your online profiles on all the above mentioned platform, and you are looking forward to increase your or your brand’s online presence, creating your own website is the best method.

It can prove to be the best place where you can highlight your skills, working experience, professionalism, expertise, and many more. Also, here you can mention your servings and can link all of your other social media online profiles.

Multiple accounts

A professional is never restricted to have their one profile only. In order to increase your visibility, it is recommended to create your online profile and digital presence using all the methods mentioned above. Or, you are also allowed to opt for one or more methods in order to increase your online visibility and progress in your career.

Note: Make sure, in all your professional profile, only post the information that you want your clients, contacts, and recruiters should know. Avoid posting personal information.

The bottom line

So these are some methods to register your professional presence online! 


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