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Tips for writing an impressive cover letter

 Applicants send their cover letters alongside of their CV to express their job requirements and their dedication for that particular job position. The cover letter is usually a paged long letter usually consisting  of 4-5 paragraphs. Applicants send their cover letters to the employers in bulk, in order to the letter to stand out the cover letter must be written in a effective way. If your cover letter is getting rejected by many employers or recruiters, it is time to do some editing or tailoring in that letter. After rejection of the cover letter of the applicant he/she must introduce their achievements in the cover letter in such a way that it influences the employer to hire you for the job, it should clearly give him the answer that why you are the best person for that job position. The cover letter should clearly focus on what the employers is asking for, what skills he needs for that job position.

Below we will discuss about how to write a cover letter.

This is the trending topic right now, as many companies are hiring new employees after the relived news of lockdown been taken off, finally the corporate world is pacing up. For instance, you’ve found the right job you were looking for, but the firm or company asks for the cover letter with your CV in the application which you were about to send to the employer, but you don’t know how to write a cover letter. Relax! This article will guide you through the path of writing a cover letter.

  1. Stating your name and addressIf you are sending your cover letter through post, you should start by giving your name and address, also don’t forget to mention your mail address in the starting of your cover letter alongwith your name and address.
  2. Mention the date-  After giving your name and address in the cover letter next you should state the date of the cover letter. The date that the applicant is mentioning in the cover letter should be below the name and address of the application.
  3. Employer/firm name and address- when the name and address of the applicant is mentioned in the letter below comes the date. After mentioning all the above mentioned details the name and address of the employer or firm should come. It should clearly state the name and the address of the firm to whom the letter is to be sent.
  4. Salutation  start the letter with the addressing the employer or recruiter with proper salutation like DEAR or HELLO SIR/MADAM. As the cover letter is considered to be a formal letter proper salutation is required.
  5. Opening paragraph- The opening paragraph of the cover letter is also known as introductory paragraph. In this paragraph the applicant should introduce himself/herself to the employer by mentioning his/her details regarding qualification for the job and other accomplishments. In the opening paragraph an applicant should clearly mention or target about the job position he/she is applying for.
  6. Middle paragraph- After the introduction of the applicant, the middle paragraph of the cover letter should include your past achievements or accomplishments, it should include your past experiences in that particular job field. This helps the employer to know that you’ve done this job earlier and you have the potential to do it again.
  7. Second middle paragraph-  the second middle paragraph of the article is considered to be a supporting paragraph for the middle paragraph. This paragraph should focus on why the applicant is the best person for this job it should also include other reasonable reasons stating why he is the best man for this job. It should include his skills, strengths, attributes, indicating the employer what he value he/she can add up to the company by using his skills.
  8. Signature -  after completion of all the above steps just end your cover letter with your signature. By signing your name at the end of it, the cover letter ends.


Tips for writing cover letter

After you’ve understood how to write a cover letter, but wait! That’s not enough to gain the interest of the employer or recruiter. There are few tips one should consider while writing a cover letter to make it stand out from the cover letter of the other candidates.

  • Conveying dedication- While writing a cover letter an applicant should include his enthusiasm and dedication for the particular job position for which he is applying for. The employer should think that the applicant is dedicated towards his job role and he will perform good in the tasks assigned to him for the job position.
  • Adding numbers- This tip should be considered while making a cover letter. Adding numerical value to the cover letter gives and extra edge over the applications of the other candidates. If the applicant is able to express his results or achievements In the past job experiences with the help of numbers it gives an advantage over the application of the other applicants.
  • Highlighting key words- This tip helps a lot while making of a cover letter or resume, an applicant should always highlight his keywords or key points about his skill or strengths. This helps in maintaining the focus of the employer to your key points.
  • Uniqueness- an applicant should be confident enough about his skills and strengths. He /she should know what makes him unique and standout from the application of the other candidates.


The bottom line

So these are some important tips to write an impressive cover letter!


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