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Top 5 best life saving applications of Artificial intelligence

 The role of artificial intelligence is not only increasing in the field of technology or the IT sector, instead it is continuously become the part of our daily life schedule. And, now it is even playing major role in the health care sector as well.

The role of AI is increasing in the health care sector as it is now being used in designing or the development of several life saving applications. These applications are actually helpful in saving lives of peoples.

Here in this guide, we are listing some of the life saving creations of AI which are super heroes in real sense. The following applications are powered by Artificial intelligence and are helpful in saving multiple lives as well.

Top 5 best life saving applications of Artificial intelligence

Following we are listing some of the best life saving applications of artificial intelligence which are actually performing the tasks of super heroes:

Accidents prevention

Accidents these days are increasing very high. As per a report, more than 1.35 million people dies every year because of road accidents. This has raised the concern that all need to share the road safely.

Since, the number of autonomous vehicles are increasing, the concern of road safety is also increasing. There is need that all of the people on road should be aware of the road safety both for their own safety and for other’s safety.

And, considering the road safety and increasing number of road accidents, there launched a new application named Important. The aim of launching of this Important application is to minimize the road accidents and increase the road safety. This application is connected with all the certified vehicles including the trucks, cars, autonomous vehicles, buses, construction equipments, and also the drones as well.

This IMPORTANT application is powered by artificial intelligence and it helps in creating a virtual protective zone around all the vehicles with the help of the mobile device.

The application functions by sending the GPS location of user and use it in coordinating it with all the nearby automated vehicles. Basically this applications functions by augmenting the sensors present on the vehicles in order to ensure that all the vehicles are coordinated well and monitored well. And, in the case when any of the connected vehicle approach so close to any other vehicle and is likely to collide, the app automatically trigger the brake before the occurrence of the collision and thus is an effective invention for significantly reducing the road accidents.

Improvement in the health care sector

The technology of artificial intelligence have now approached all the sectors and has become the major part of our daily schedule. It is also playing a very critical role in the improvement of the healthcare facilities as well. Another application powered by AI is also proved to be lifesaving for  many peoples.

No matter how intelligent and trained doctors and nurses are still, sometimes they because of human errors fail to identify all the ailments or any serious medical condition leading to poor consequences. But since the AI is machine, it helps in proper identifying the right ailment based on the prior data and thus can guide the doctors, physicians, and the nurses with the next preferred action for the better outcomes. The AI powered application by Health catalyst is also proving to be life saving by diagnosing the ailments helping the doctors and nurses to take right action on right time for saving the life of the person.

Also, the AI is proving to be helpful in preventing the hospital acquired infection. This application help the doctors in predicting the early symptoms and thus help them take the right action before happening of anything wrong.

Detection of severe medical conditions

Not only inside the hospitals, but AI is also beneficial in saving life outside the hospitals as well. Many times, in the case of emergency, doctors or the ambulance fails to reach the patient. So in order to deal with such emergency condition, there is development of another AI power life saving application named Corti.  

Many times, doctors or the ambulance fails to approach the patient in emergency condition and sometimes, doctors even late only for few minutes and fails to save the life of the patient. Inspired by such situations, engineers and software developers designed a AI powered robot to identify the emergency condition before and thus safe the life of the patient.

Corti is such an application which having the potential to identify the conditions before cardiac arrest and thus make the emergency calls to doctors in order to take the condition under control before.

Enhanced pharmaceutical solutions

Although, drugs are important for the addressing of several ailments, still they are having several health risks and side effects also. In order to deal with such conditions, Okwin, a company come forwards and created a AI powered design to improve the pharmaceutical solutions.

This company utilizes the power of the machine learning algorithms for the creation of models which are helpful in predicting or diagnosing the disease condition, their evolution, and then create the better drug with less side effects and more effectiveness.

Helpful in the end of human trafficking

It is not only the health conditions which are the reason for the death of the humans. There are several global issues also which are harming or risking the human lives and need to be concerned.

In order to help the women or kids who are facing the issue of being trafficked, AI has also approached them for the help. The AI powered machine are having the potential to identify the area of human trafficking and easily track both the location of the victims as well as the criminals and thus saving the life of poor victims.

The bottom line

So these are some of the best AI powered life saving applications!  



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