Thursday, 11 November 2021

Top tips for desperate job seeking peoples

 It can be much disappointing and discouraging for the peoples who are looking for the job desperately, still are not able to get the one. The situation when you are not having any job or part time job, and you are looking for full time job, still no results is often the most discouraging situation for the professionals.

Many times, despite of high educations and skills, employers unable to discover you and thus do not hire you. In this case, instead of getting disappointed, one need to take action and increase its presence in front of the top and potential employers.

Are you one of the desperate job seeker? This guide is for you. Here in this article, we are listing some advices for the disappointed job seekers to not leave their hope, instead come back with double energy and increase your professional presence in front of all the significant employers.

Tips for desperate job seekers

Yes, we can understand how it feels not to get job even after trying the best from your side. Sometimes, people with high qualification fails to get or find a suitable job for them. They work the best from their side in order to get the suitable job, but nothing works. Even after applying for all the kinds of job, attending several interview, and many more, but still no job in hand is very discouraging. This left them disappointed and discouraged. 

But feeling disappointed and leaving the hope is not the option. Yes, it is challenging to deal with such situation, still running back is not the option. Instead, one should wake up with new or double energy and try the best from your side to put your professional prospect in fronts of top and all significant employers. There is need for the professionals to keep working for researching more companies with open vacancies, apply for job there, and make sure, perform all the tasks with confidence only, not discouragement.

Following we are listing some bets points for all the discouraged job seekers:

Expand your research

In the case, when you are having your job seeking account on one application or platform only, instead you should try making your accounts on different platforms where one can find job. Also, having account on LinkedIN and other similar platforms will also help the job seekers to get noticed by the top employers.  

Also, limiting yourself to find the jobs which are posted only is not a great idea. There is need to outstretch your research. There are several companies who do not post their vacancies on the job seeking classified sites. So, it is good idea to send an email to different companies asking them if they are in need of any professionals in particular expertise.

Create a target list of industries

In the case, when the employers are not short listing you, it is time for you to shortlist the companies where you want to work in. It is advised to all the job seekers to create a small list of employers with who they are willing to work. One can get the details of all the companies easily with the help of the internet. After the completion of the list of the employers with whom you want to work with, try finding out connections in these companies. Also, one can consider contacting the company if they are in need for any profession in any particular expertise.

The job seeker can also start following their desired company’s account on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Following the company on social media will help you get all the updates on job vacancies in these companies, along with all other small or big updates.

Check the website of the companies you want to work in to check if any of the employers there might be willing to hire you.

Also, one can take help from the placement cell of their collage to find the upcoming vacancies or vacancies. Also, there you can get the list of alumni as well that might help you get a decent job.

Take advantage of your connections

If you are having high connections, this is good for you in finding job. Try making a short list of employers from your connections. After this, send them a short email on how you can help them in their companies. Explain them your expertise and how it could be beneficial for their companies in increasing their leads, sales, as well as any other functions.

Also, along with sending email, one can consider calling the employer as well. Ask them if they are in need of any professional in particular expertise. Explain them your qualification and expertise and convince them how you can be beneficial for their company. Tell the employers the reason why you want to work with them and how your skills can add value to their company.

Join more groups with similar like minded peoples

The social platform have provided an opportunity to all to get connected with like minded people. There are available several group having your like minded peoples and this platform can serve as great option helping you find a suitable job for you.

Limit your time

Searching for the job entire day can be emotionally draining and can break your hope or might discourage you a lot. So, instead of burning yourself the entire day, fix your time to apply for job, research for new companies, and connect employers. After a particular time, leave it and do something different, productive. One can consider upgrading their skills as well by several kind of training programs both offline and online.

The bottom line

So, these are some tips for disappointed job seekers that not to lose hope, instead work with double energy. All the best!             

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