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Top tips for a productive work from home Mom

 For a mom, work from home is the best possible option for them to grow  in their career along with managing some of their house hold as well. Work from home option for mom is having several opportunities as they can work from their comfort and of course in their pajamas. Also, the flexibility of work in the work from home job is another bonus point in the home based jobs.

A mom with work from home job can follow their passion, their dream in their working days along with fulfilling their responsibilities for the house hold as well. This work from home job is no doubt the best option for the working moms, but is actually a bit challenging as well.

Managing home with focusing on career needs some planning and commitment. The working mom without any planning for their schedules on the working days might end up with very challenging and hectic day. The unorganized schedule will also impact negatively on the productivity at work as well.

In order to follow your passion, along with managing the house hold responsibilities, all the passionate working moms need to create their schedule. Not only work, the mom need to schedule some of their time for themselves and their health as well.     

This guide is going to help all the working moms who have opted for the work from home job options in order to manage their family work as well. Following we are listing some of the best tips that will help the remotely working mom to create their schedule, manage their office work along with the household work, and spare some time to care for themselves as well.

Tips for a productive work from home Mom

Working from home is amazing as it offers the professional to work in their own comfort in their night wears or pajamas. But the work from home is not easy for the mom who along with managing their office, also need to manage their houses as well.

But all the moms are super, and we believe them that they can manage even more. Still, in order to reduce a bit of pressure from them, here in this guide, we are listing some tips that will help the remotely working mom to schedule their working days easily and thus manage their office work as well as the house hold responsibilities.

Given below are some tips that will help the mom to work from their home along with efficiently manage their house and being productive at work as well.

Pre plan your week on Sunday

Generally on Sundays, professionals are having comparatively more time. So, on this day, they can plan their week ahead in order to reduce some of the pressure from the working days. Also the pre planned work is likely to be more productive and help the working mom to be relaxed from the planning their day side.

On Sundays, the working mom can schedule the office tasks for every day. They need to think every task, divide them on the base of priority, and then establish a approachable target for every week day.      

After the completion of the list of office work, divide the tasks that you need to do on different week days. Make sure that you are planning for only approachable target that can be accomplish without being exhaust you and you can easily complete them. Having the schedule for every week days will help the working mom to save their time on planning their day, and having the approachable target will help make their day less exhausting and overwhelming.

Like making the list for the office tasks, the mom should also pre plan for their meals as well. This will also help them save their precious time on the work day from being wasted on deciding what to cook today. On Sunday, they should make their list for the meals that they should cook on the week days. It is recommended to decide the easy to prepare meals on the working day and special meals on the weekends. Also, if possible, do the grocery shopping for the week or the month on weekends. In fact, the working mom should leave their shopping tasks for weekends only. Along with shopping, try completing others tasks like major laundry, etc on the weekends as well.

Schedule the day

The working mom who needs to work from home should schedule their day. They should schedule their morning hours for meditation, workout, and their physical health fitness. After done with the workout and meditation for at least 1 hours, do with the regular morning routines like bathing, etc.

After this, now the time for the breakfast. Prepare the decided breakfast as decided on Sunday or the weekend day. It is recommended to prepare easy breakfast recipes like oat meal, etc on the weekdays. In this tasks, the working mom can take help from their partner as well. For example, while the mom is preparing the breakfast, father can do with the cleaning. Or for the single mom, they can take help from domestic help.

Then wake up the kids, dress up them for the school or their routine, have them their breakfast and see off them for their daily routine.

Now the next part is to structure the work. Since the working mom is already having their routine for work as well, start working on them.

While preparing for the lunch, the working mom can schedule all their calls and interactions with the team mates or the co workers.

Plan your power time

Also, after done with the office work, take some break before ready for the dinner preparation. Spend the evening time for yourself. Like if you love reading books, spend your time in reading books or doing what you love.

Arrange your dedicated work space

A dedicated workspace is required for the passionate work so make sure to arrange a workspace where there is less disturbances.

Take break in between

Continues working will make the day monotonous. So in order to maintain the productivity, have breaks in between.

The bottom line

So these are some tips for a productive work from home Mom!



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