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Types of influencer marketing

 Influencer marketing is a kind of word to moth advertising strategy where the influencer who is having multiple followers recommend for a particular product  and thus helps the company in promoting their products.

Influencers are people like us but are having a big size of followers or social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or many more. They are having big fan followers whom they can recommend the products.

Influencers can be of three types depending on the size of their audiences. The micro influencers are having small size of followers under 10,000 but are having dedicated followers. The middle influencers are most powerful kind of influencers who are having followers between 10,000 to 250,000 and are having high credibility as well as authenticity. The macro influencers are type of influencers who are having a very big audience of more than 250,000 but are having less authenticity and credibility. These big influencers are more kind of celebrities. Though these influencers are having big reach, but are having less credibility.

The best type of influencer marketing is via the middle powerful kind of influencers who are having a decent number of followers with more authenticity as well.

The brand can approach the influencers for marketing via:

  • By paying them an amount to promote the product
  • Provide them with free or discounted merchandise for getting the positive reviews
  • Offer them with exclusive products and requesting them to post more information about the product

There are several kind of influencer marketing. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on different type of influencer marketing.

Types of influencer marketing


Following are the different types of influencer marketing


This is the most budgeted method of influencer marketing. In this kind of marketing strategy, the brand need to send some of the freebies or some of their exclusive products to the influencer.

The influencer on receiving the free product post an unboxing video promoting the product in front of their audiences. This way, it will help the brand to present their product in front of the large number of audiences which are the followers of that influencers.

This strategy will help the influencer to get free products while the brand will get the promotion of their product in very budgeted price.

Sending the free products and requesting the influencer to highlight and unbox their product along with providing the positive reviews is the most affordable type of influencing marketing.

Sponsored product

One of the important part of the influencer marketing is sponsored products. In this marketing strategy, the brand asks the influencer to advertise one of their product on their channel. In this method, the brand is required to provide the influencer with the freedom to create the sponsored content.

This marketing strategy involves the creation of image, video, or any other content having the positive image of the product depending on the niche type.

In this marketing method, the brand requires to send the influencers with the summary of the product that includes some requirement along with guidelines. Further the influencer create the creative content along with comprising the brand information and positive review of the product and then present the content and promote the product in front of their customers. This is one of the best strategy for promoting product and boosting up the customer engagement.

Content and product collaboration

This is another marketing strategy where the brand collaborate with the influencer t co create the product. This kind of strategy is mainly seen in the fashion and cosmetic industries where the influencer creates their own line of products under the brand.

Takeover on the brand’s platforms

In this marketing strategy method, the brand allows the influencers to take over their social media platform for a particular period of time. Generally, the time period for taking over the brand’s platform is around 1 day, but it can be increased up to 1 week depending on the advertising strategy.

In this method of influencer marketing, the influencer will be available on your social media account and advertise or recommend for your products. This is one of the most effective method for the publicity of the product. The only draw back associated with this method of marketing is that the company will need to share their login credential of the social media account which can lead to severe consequences later. This method of marketing should only be adopted in the case when the trust between the brand and the influencer is very high!


It is one of the most reliable method of the influencer marketing. The unboxing type of marketing is also a kind of review marketing where the influencer gives positive reviews on the product and recommend their followers to use that product.

It is the most common type of influencer marketing where the influencer on their own channel use the product or unbox any product and give its positive reviews. It is most of the motivating video which encourages others to go for the product.

The video is shown that the influencer is using the product for the first time and is having very positive experience of using the product. And, thus they recommend the product to their followers as well to use the same product for better results.

Brand ambassador

As mentioned in the name, brand ambassador means the face of the product. This is the influencer marketing where is influencer is going to work for a long period of time with a particular brand. Basically, they are going to be the face of the brand for a particular period of time.

The bottom line

So these are some of the strategy for the influencer marketing!       



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