Thursday, 11 November 2021

Virtual networking guidelines for remote professionals

 Maintaining the networking work was kind of easy we need to go to office daily. In the office time, an employee interacts with several peoples in elevator, during the lunch time, in the meetings, in break room, in social events by the office, and many more. Thus that time, it was kind of easy to maintain the connection and thus networking was also easy. Regular meeting with other peoples makes it much easy for the person to maintain the relationship and connections with others.

Maintaining relationship will help you create a support group that might be going to help you in future. Your co workers with whom you are having good relationship might proved to be great for your future collaboration or might help you grow faster in your career. 

However maintaining the virtual connections is way more difficult. Since after the pandemic time, the conditions has changed a lot. Now most of the companies are allowing for remote work where the employees are allowed to work from their home. This way, the digitalization has made the networking more challenging.

As the option for the remote work is available now, most of the people prefer to work from their home regardless of their personal reasons. This has made it challenging to have the seamless networking experience as before.    

For the peoples who are due to their personal reason are opting for the remote work, they might need to made more efforts in order to maintain the virtual networking. Yes, it might be difficult to maintain the networking digitally, but is actually not impossible. One with a little bit more efforts can even manage maintaining the connections or create new connections virtually and from the home as well.

This guide is for all the remote professionals who are willing to but are facing challenges in maintaining the virtual networking. Here in this guide, we are going to list some simple yet effective tips for maintaining the virtual networking remotely as well.  

How to maintain the networking virtually?

Following we are listing some important tips that will definitely prove to be useful for maintaining of the connections with the coworkers online remotely:

Join groups in social media

With the evolution of internet, the maximum digitalization become only possible because of the social media platforms. Now in the market, there are several kind of social media platforms that are serving to connect people digitally no matter how distant they are.

Some of the social media are for particular categories of people as well like LinkedIn is for professionals only. Also, there are some many social media platforms, where the people with similar interest can create their own community and stay connected digitally. So if you have decided to work remotely, then why not take the advantages of the social media platforms in order to stay connected with your co workers.

Following are some of the most popular social media platforms that will help you maintain connections with the co workers:


This is the most trusted and best platform for the professional exclusively. In this platform, the professional will get the option to join the groups as per their interest and interact with different peoples or professionals with similar interest. Also, on this platform, one can create their own community related to your company or industry or skills. Also, you will also get the option to join the already created group and thus get the chance to connect with more people belonging to similar profession as you are. 


Facebook provides another great option for creating groups of people with similar interest. This is best platform not only for work but for fun as well. Here the professional will get the option to either connect with or create industry focused group or many more job seeking groups.


On this platform, the professional can follow any of their ideal big names in your industry and this will automatically help you create your network.

  Note: Make sure that you are in connection with your old or current colleagues.

Participate in virtual events

In the case when your company or your industry organized any event, be sure to attend that virtual event. In that event, you might get the option to interact with similar people who are also belonging to your profession and thus will help you elaborate your network.

Also, these virtual events are best options for the remote professionals to interact with more peoples and also the peoples who you know already. Make sure that you are attending all the virtual meeting, conferences and all other speaker sessions. These are perfect option where you will get the option to widen up your network, meet new people, have connection with new people, along with maintaining the networking with old colleagues.

Strengthen your relationship with the current colleagues

No matter if you are working remotely from the corner of your living room, still make sure that you are in regular touch with all your team members. Having regular conversations, some professional, some fun, with colleagues will help you match up your tune with your teammates and thus will help in marinating your network as well.

Also, one can consider organizing online coffee date or lunch party in order to increase the interaction.

In the work chat, make sure that you are responding to all the chats appropriately. In the beginning, small chats are good, but keep making efforts to add friendship in your professional relationship. This is best option to create the support group for you.

The bottom line

So these are some of the tips that will help you maintaining your network!     



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