Saturday, 13 November 2021

What are the benefits of LinkedIn for professionals?

 For business professionals, LinkedIn is considered to be the most popular and best platform. This social media platform has been serving the professionals since 2003 and now has been considered as the benchmark for the social media networking platform for the professionals.

This social media networking platform has more than 700 million professionals from different countries all around the world. And, more than 40 million peoples from all around the world uses the LinkedIn platform for finding jobs every week.

When the LinkedIn platform is used in right manner, it can proved to be very beneficial for your future and can help people achieve different milestones in their path to bright career.

Since the platform is having both the employers as well as recruiters, it provides them a great media to have connections with each others, get connected to each others. The recruiters get the option to use the platform for finding talents for their firms, while the talents on this platform get the option to interact with and get the opportunity to work with top recruiters.   

This is why, the LinkedIn is often considered by the top professionals to be the best platform for finding the dream jobs. It is even considered to be sometime miracle in the life of professionals by helping them get their dream job.

Notes: The ineffective way of using the LinkedIn platform can cost you wastage of much of your time without helping you in your career. In order to have beneficial impact of the LinkedIn, one need to have the skills to effectively use this platform.

Is it good to have a LinkedIn account?

Yes, for all the professionals, having a Account on LinkedIn platform is always beneficial, unless you are not wasting your time in blindly searching for the jobs or the recruiters without any strategy.

This platform though is time consuming still is a great option for all the professionals. No matter, how fast you are, still it will takes around 30 minutes for setting up your complete account on LinkedIn. Only setting up account on LinkedIn platform is not sufficient, one need to keep it updating at least once in six week. After every six week, one need to update their profile, add new milestones and accomplishments that they have achieved in their career. Then and then only, your account will be stay visible to the top recruiters. Also, keep checking your account to find if any recruiter try approaching you, or find which companies are having vacancies for professionals like you.

Once, a person learn how to use this LinkedIn effectively, this platform can proved to be highly beneficial for their career. Since, both the recruiters and employers are having their account on this LinkedIn platform, it serves as a media to connect both the recruiters and employers.

The employer use this media platform in finding the perfect talent for their firms while the talents or the professionals can take advantage of this social media platform in getting connected with top recruiters and get the chance to work with them.

The LinkedIn platform not only serve as media for connecting the recruiters and the employers, instead one on this platform can also get the details of the company they are planning to work with. Here in this media, all the companies keep posting their updates, latest news, and many more. And, this help their employers, or other who are wishing to work with them easily get the information regarding the company.

In short, yes it is very beneficial for all the professionals whether who are looking for job or who are willing to offer jobs. Also, it is great platform to get connected with the formal alumni, seniors, colleagues, and thus help the person to create their own support network.

What are the benefits of having account on LinkedIn?

Following we are listing some of the major benefits of having the LinkedIn account:

It is free of cost:

LinkedIn is best social media platform for all the professionals and that too free of cost. Though this social media platform is having their paid premium accounts also, still, the free version is also sufficiently good for most of the professionals. Having the premium version will help in upgrading the features and which will make this account even more beneficial.

All the important peoples are on LinkedIn

Yes, most of the top recruiters and best companies from all around the world are on LinkedIn. This provides the job seekers the opportunities to interact with the top recruiters from all around the world and get hired in the best company. Also, the top talents from world’s prestigious universities and institutes are also on LinkedIn and this help the recruiters to find the right talent for their firm.

Best job seeking and posting platform

Those  who have fed up with finding or posting jobs on the classified sites, why not try the linkedIn account. It is worth using LinkedIn account both for finding job as well as talent. This is a world wide used platform and thus help the person in widening their search.

LinkedIn can also serve a platform for applying for the job

Also, the job seekers can use this platform in getting interacted with top recruiters and apply for the vacancies. Many of the companies also used to post their vacancies on this platform and it help the job seekers to directly apply for the job in the top companies.

For better research

Those who are about to work with a company or those who are planning to apply in any company, LinkedIn can serve as great platform for researching about the company. Also, the companies can also use this platform for finding the data related to top talents or applicants.

The bottom line

So these are some top advantages of LinkedIn platform!




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