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What feature to look for while buying a car.

 While buying a car obviously the price of the car is just the starting point. But there are some more important feature to look for while buying a car. Almost every car on the road has safety feature that makes the driver and the passengers travelling in the car much safer. In this article we will be discussing the features to look for while buying a car.

  • Safety feature-  when the person is looking forward to buy a car he should always look for the safety features present in the car. The safety features of the car are further classified.
      1. Airbagsairbag is a standard feature present in a car. It is not necessarily available in every other car, some cars have the airbag while in some it is optional , while in some car the airbags are standard.  In some countries the air bags are mandatory while in some they arent .  it is a automatic system in car which adds a extra layer of protection to the driver as well as to the passenger during a crash/ collision of the car. The technical name of airbag is supplement restrain system[ the alone airbag cannot save your life], which means it works with the combination of seat belt. For instance, a vehicle is moving in a speed and it hits to a obstacle [ it can be a car, or a heavy object] due to the collision, the body of the driver and the passenger comes forward on the steering wheel and the dashboard because of law of motion , the body is stopped by the seat belt but the head of the person being a heavy body part hits the steering wheel and the dashboard which leads to severe injury which may lead to even death on the spot due to collision, to avoid this head injury the airbags are planted in the car which prevents the head of the driver and passenger to hit a heavy object by providing a soft landing pad. The airbags burst out from the steering wheel in case of the driver seat and from the dashboard in case of the passenger. It is nothing but a bag filled with air to avoid any kind of injury to the passenger  as well as to the driver.
      2. ABS- Abs stands for anti-lock braking system. It is a very common feature available in the cars and bikes also. It is a system which prevents the tyre of the car by getting locked. While driving a car when we suddenly apply the brakes, the tyre of the car stops rotating, it gets jammed, due to this the car will not stop on the same place where the brakes were applied, infact it will continue to skid on the road, because of which the driver of the car will loose the control over the car, he/she wont be able to move the car into left or right direction which will lead into a crash causing injury or even death in some cases. There is a sensor present in the tyre of the car which helps in monitoring the decreasing speed of the car and then applying the brakes respectively.


    1. EBDEbd stands for electronic brake-force distribution. This is also a braking system which helps in controlling the car when the brakes are applied. This system works in a following way- when the brakes are applied in a moving position of a car the sensors calculates the weight on the respective tyre then the brakes are applied accordingly to the weight. If the tyre has more weight on it then the brakes are strongly applied and if the tyre has less weight then vice-versa.


    1. Hill hold control- while moving on a uphill this feature ensures that the car does not stall back. The hill hold control comes into action while the gear shifting or when the car is completely stopped, the HHC will make sure that the car does not roll back and it does not hit the car behind it.


    1. Hill decent controlHDC feature in the car enables that while coming downward from the hill the car travels at a uniform speed, and it doesnt goes out of control.



    • Comfort features-   after discussing the safety features in the car we will be discussing the comfort features available in a car for the comfort of the driver as well as for the passenger. The comfort feature in a car provides a smooth driving experience for the driver. The comfort features in a car to look for before buying a car are described below.


1.Sunroof- nowadays the buyer of the car looks for a sunroof in the car. Basically sunroof is a window on the roof of the car, it was introduced in a car to enjoy the weather while driving the car at some hill station.

2. Rain sensing wipers- there are sensors present in the wipers for detecting the rainfall. When the rain starts falling on the windshield of the car, the sensors in the wiper gets activated and the wiper starts doing their job.

3.Infotainment-  infotainment system was earlier known as stereo. Infotainment system is basically nothing but  advanced music control system, which enables the person sitting in the car to control the music of the car, as well as the navigation system manually with the help of a touchscreen display.

4. Ventilated seats- ventilated seats helps in keeping the driver as well as the passenger pleasantly cool in long  drives and also reduces fatigue. The ventilated seats provide a continuous flow of air in the seat which results in keeping the back of the driver as well as passenger sweat free.



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