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What is the health secret of centenarians?

 In Early India, life was thought to be 100 years, but with time, now scientists consider 60 as the average of the human being. What can be the reason that the average life of human is decreasing with time? It might be increasing pollution, might be the deteriorating change in the diet and the life style of the human being, or many other factors.

These days, peoples are having more busy life schedule. They are not having time to maintain the proper rhythm of their life schedule. They are not having any proper schedule to eat on time, sleep on time, no time for exercise and meditation, and all these factors are responsible for the decrease in the average age of the individuals. These days, people instead of eating healthy on time are more into gluttony. And, these are impacting negatively on the health of the human and thus are reducing their life period.

Still, in this era of this busy and hectic schedule, there are some peoples who have crossed the record of 100 years of age. These centenarians are considered to be a kind of miracle these days. But in actual, they are not. They are only following some of the secret tips that are helping them to be healthy even on this age of their life.

What can be the secret to be a centenarians? Well, here in this guide, we are listing some of the major secrets that anyone can follow to live longer and healthy life.  

Health secret of centenarians

There is no shortcut to live healthy and long life unless you are not paying attention to your own health. It is not possible to rely only on doctor and medicines for a healthy life, instead there is need to work for your own. Paying attention to your own healthy life schedule will definitely pay you on the late stage of your life.

Following are some secret for the healthy life that need to be follow from beginning and this will help you being a centenarians:  

A positive state of mind

Whenever any centenarians are asked on his health, the first thing they focus on is their attitude. Yes, it is a attitude that can help you stay long and healthy. Like a negative attitude can deteriorate your health, similar way the positive attitude can help you overcome all the health issues as well as other mental state issues. This will ultimately help you live longer and sometimes more than 100 years.

As per several centenarians, they faced so many ups and downs in their life, still with their positive mind set and cheerful attitude, they managed to overcome the bad time of their life.


The next factor that impacts on the age of the human is no doubt their diet and eating schedule. It is scientifically proven that the diet impact majorly on the health of the human. The person with good and restricted eating schedule is likely to live longer and healthier, while those with more habit to eat anything anytime suffer from several health issues.

Even the professional dieticians also prescribe for healthy and restricted diet with less carbs and more protein and fibers. On interviewing with the centenarians, they also admitted that they used to eat healthy and on proper schedule.


Athletes are more healthy because they are more in physical exercise. For a healthy and long life, it is required that a individual needs to invest some time on their body. For being a centenarian, one should spend some of the time for their schedule in warming up their body, performing some physical activities, and meditation. Though with age, the person can opt for mild physical activities, but should not stop it all.

Almost every centenarians credits their healthy and long life to the meditation and the physical exercise that they used to perform on daily basis. It can be either the part of their working schedule or they might be spending some time on their body.


One cannot achieve anything unless they are having faith on themselves. In today’s time, reaching the age of 100 is also not less than any record. So in order to be a centenarians, one should be having faith on themselves.

There are several centenarians who have suffered from major issues even like burning, still with their faith they managed to overcome the negativity and reached this age of their life.  


Yes, it is one of the most important factors to prevent illness and boosting the immunity. The surrounding environment also plays a major role in preventing illness and thus increasing the life period of human.

No addiction

Youths these days are more into several kind of addiction like drinking, smoking, and many more from the early age of their life. Whether because of the peers’ pressure or any other negative burdens in their life, youngsters start having bad habits which ultimately cause negative impacts on their health.

While talking to centenarians, they preached from their personal experience for not to having addiction as these might help in reducing mental pressure for some time, or might be joyful for sometime, but are hazardous for life long.

Loving family

A loving and supporting family is also the one that increase the desire of living more in a persona and thus help them developing a positive attitude. It is a family that supports person in all their downfalls as well as any other critical situation of their life. They are the one to stand with the person and overcome the bad times. Thus helps the person in achieving the stage of centenarians.


Strong genetics is also a crucial factor for a long life. All the above mentioned factors are external, and Genetics is the internal factor of the human that help them live a longer life.

The bottom line

So these are some major secrets that one can follow to be a centenarian. If you are also having any secret for long life, do share us via the comment section below.       


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