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What is influencer marketing? Why it is important?

 The time of monopoly is no more seen in any industry. For almost all product, the competition in the market in increasing. Since the variety of products available in the market is more, peoples are also more confused on what to choose and what to rejects.

Also, the advertisement by the brands directly are less attractive and reliable for customers. Customers these days tend less to believe on the brand itself. This is making even more challenging for the brand owners to advertise their products.

The good thing is that, customers are having more trust on word to mouth advertising methods. They relies on their close friends, family, or any person they used to follow. This has increased the trend of influencer marketing. This is kind of marketing strategy where the influencer person who is having the ability to influence the mind of the peoples advertise or recommend any product.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on what is influencer marketing and why it is becoming important aspect of marketing and advertisement these days.

What is influencer marketing?

Before understanding the concept of influencer marketing, one should be clear for what influencer is? Well, influencer is a person who is having more fan following and are having the ability to influence or change the mind of the peoples. They are not celebrities, still are more close to them and can influence their followers to use any particular kind of products.

On the basis of size of the audiences, influencers can be of three types. These are:

Micro influencers:

These are influencers who are having fan following of less than 10,000. Though the audience size of this influencer is low, still, they used to have the most loyal type of audiences. Thus it is the most suitable way to reach the most dedicated audiences.

Power middle influencers

These are influencers who are having the audience size of in between 10,000 to 250,000. These types of influencers are having close association with their followers and their followers also used to consider their recommendations. The power middle influencers are the best choices for the influencer marketing for reaching more number of dedicated audiences.

Macro influencers

These are more celebrities’ type influencers who are having the audience size of more than 250,000 followers. They can be easily seen on YouTube and Instagram like platform. These kinds of influencers might be having the large audience size, still are not having the same dedicated audiences as of the power middle influencer type. They might be having the widest reach still lacks the same level of credibility and authenticity as of power middle influencer.

What is influencer marketing?

Marketing via the influencer is known as influencer marketing. It is kind of word to mouth publicity where the influencer influences their followers by recommending a particular brand or the product.

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. In fact, earlier also, many companies with high budget used to pay the top celebrities to promote their product or advertise their products on Television or any other channel.

Influencer marketing is almost similar, the difference is that the promotion occurs on the social media or any other digital platforms. These days, peoples are having less trust on the words by brand. They prefer accepting recommendations from their favourite influencer. Customers these days used to stay away from the conventional marketing methods instead are more preferring taking the recommendation from the social channels or in the form of digital marketing. In this marketing method, influencers recommend their followers for using a particular kind of product.

How to go for influencer marketing?

Influencers these days are not kind of top celebrities or actor, instead are normal people like us but are having more number of followers on social media platforms like instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.

People these days are more doubtful on trusting top celebrities but used to believe on people that are like us. Influencers are like us and thus offering an great advertising method to promote the product.

  • One can either pay the influencer to promote their product.
  • Or one can offer the influencer with free merchandise in order to get better reviews.
  • Also, the brand can offer the influencer with the exclusive products or the some important information requesting them to post about the product or the brand.         

Every of the influencer is having its own niche. So the brand need to select the influencer as per their niche product.

Why is the influencer marketing is important?


Finding or creating the community with target audiences is one of the biggest and toughest step in the marketing. But the influencers are already having big followers community. And, thus marketing via the influencers will reduce this step and help the brand get promoted significantly among the target audiences.

For example, if a company is having fashion products, the influencer can you’re your brand reaching multiple of peoples from all around the region or even world.

More brand awareness

Influencer marketing is emerging promotion method and is great way to enhance the brand awareness. Influencers offers an great method for creating an campaign. They recommend the product and this will help increasing the publicity of the product among their followers.

Increased audience engagement

Another benefit of influencer marketing is that influencers are having the potential to boost the customer engagement as well.

Boosted conversion rates

The main aim of every brand is to have higher sales. And, influencers are great in boosting up the sales as well as helping the brand in improving their conversion rates.

The bottom line

So these are some importance of the influencer marketing!    


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