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What mistakes to be avoided during remote interviews?

 The world is getting digitalized. And, most of the companies are preferring organizing the online interview session via the video calling applications. This is kind of good for all the professionals who are looking for the job as now they can face the interview from the comfort of their home.

Companies these days are preferring interview remotely via the video calling applications as it makes them easy for them to organize the interview without making much changes in their schedule.

Interview via the video calling applications remotely from the comfort of the home is beneficial for most of the professionals as well. It help them stay comfortable in their home and thus help them look more confident in compare to being at the interview venue. No doubt giving the interview from the home is way more comfortable for the professionals as they can present themselves better with more confidence.

But, the remote interview are also having their own sets of challenges as well. On video calling app, it becomes quite challenging for the professional to demark the differentiation between the average and good interview. Also, any compromise in the quality of the technology can worsen the interviewing experience of the professionals. Also, when the professional is interviewing from the comfort of their home, they might make some small mistakes which can have severe worse impact on their first impression, which is very important to get hired.

Here in this guide, we are listing some of the common mistakes that one should avoid making during the remote interview call in order to make their first best virtual impression. These are as follows:

Be punctual for the remote interview as well

You might be thinking why I am mentioning to be punctual? Being punctual here means one need to attend or join the interview meeting call via the zoom call few minutes before the mentioned time. Also, it impacts your negative image when you either make the interviewer wait for you or you join the interview meeting in last minutes. Joining the interview meeting in the last minutes will make you more distracted as well stress out which is never beneficial for first impression on the recruiters.

Be easy with the technology

In order to perform better in your virtual interview, having good information on how to use the application is also important. So make sure to do practise with the technology before the occurrence of the real event. For example, if you are having your interview the next day, make sure to be ready with the Zoom  or any other mentioned video calling application in your system, do practise to be handy with the software, and be prepared before the happening of the real event. This will help you figure out any issue before and help you be more handy during the actual interview.      

Be ready with all the material that you might need during the interview

While in the interview, you might need some materials like resumes, or your portfolio, and many more. So, make sure you are having all your required materials and documents on your desk before you are ready for the interview.

Though it is absolutely not recommended to eat or drink during the interview process, still, it is advised to keep a grass of drinking water so that you can drink in case of emergency or whenever you feel much nervous.

Dress properly

No matter, you are giving your interview from your home, still, you need to look professional in order to create your good virtual impression on them. This is why, we recommend you to dress professionally. No matter, how skilful you are, a single wrong choice of the outfit during your interview call can make you look less professional and will generate a bad impression of you among the recruiters.

In general, any business attire, or business casual is best for the interview time. In fact, one can also decide their attire based on the culture of the company you are planning to work with.

Never interview in the messy place

In order to make your good virtual impression, one need to choose the best location for the interview  in their house. Make sure, the location for giving your interview should be nice, not much messy, and ideal for make you look more professional. In the case, none of the corner in your house is not ideal for the interview, make sure to clean the mess from one of the corner in your house, arrange it properly with a desk, your laptop, and a chair. You can also take help from a clean curtain in order make your background look professional.

 Avoid distractions

Yes, for an interview, most of the people stays serious. But during the video conferences, small gestures like Staring at yourself, looking off screen, etc can distract the employers and show yourself less interested in the interview.

The small gestures like fidgeting with your clothes or hairs, checking out your smart phone in between, looking off screen, etc can put your negative impression in front of the employers. Also, make sure that you are not in noisy area. And, when you are not speaking, put your video call on mute.

Listen carefully

The important part in both the offline as well as online interview is that how good listener you are. Be patient, first carefully listen the interviewer, assess your reply in your mind, and then calmly answer.

The bottom line

So these are some mistakes one should avoid while in video interview call!   





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