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Which are the most popular travel destinations in India for young adults?

 India is full of destinations to visit and enjoy the vacations. But the young adults of India are quite specific for the location they want to travel to. Millennial these days are specific and love travelling the places where they can relate you enjoy their preferred vibes.

Some of the youths prefer going to places having the tranquil vibes while other loves adventure and thus prefer going to thrilling adventurous places. Some of other youths love party and thus love going to places with happening fun and Party vibes.

Fortunately, India is perfect destination comprising of diversity of locations suitable for peoples from different age groups. As India is country of diversification, here public along with different locations can also enjoy the diversity of the culture, lifestyle, and food as well.

Well, all the Indian destination are having no matches in its beauty, elegance, and positive vibes, still, there are many more vacations which are much popular among the youngsters. Some of these destinations includes Leh and Ladakh, Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala, eastern seven sisters, Himachal Pradesh, and of course the heaven of the world, Jammu and Kashmir, and many more.

So all the millennials, this guide is for you. Here in this guide, we are listing some of the most popular destinations in India perfect for you to visit.

Which are best destinations in India for young adults?

Following we are listing some of the best destinations in India suitable for young adults based on their preferences:

Glittering and exciting Goa

Goa is a scintillating destination in India perfect for those young adults looking for some happening fun and party vibes. Not only a perfect location for party, it is one among the most preferred destination for adventure seekers.

The cool beaches and the adventurous sea fun games attracting more and more youngsters not only from India but from the entire world and this is the reason why it has becoming the perfect and most preferred vacation point for the young hearts.

Goa is an ideal Indian destination for all the young hearts looking for some party, adventure, fun, and excitement. For party lovers, this destination is having bundles of discos, night clubs, and many more party venues. On the other hand, those youngsters who are fond of adventure, this location is having plenty of adventurous beach fun which will never disappoint the adventure lovers.

The tropical paradise – Kerala

Not all the youngsters are only fond of party, fun, adventure, and excitement. Some of them love spending their time appreciating the serenity of the nature and enjoying the tranquil vibes. And, for this purpose, nothing is better destination then Kerala.

For all looking for some peace and tranquillity, Kerala is perfect destination to enjoy being on the paradise on earth. This vacation location is having beaches, water bodies, long coconut trees, dashing beauty of the nature, and the alluring sun set, and many more.

The ride on the houseboat in Alleppey, the visit to the fort Kochi, exploration of the wildlife in Thekkady and Periyar, dining in the Veli Tourist village and many more are the best things to relish the young hearts.

Land of high passes – The Leh and Ladakh

Many of the youngsters born with an adventurous heart and they love exploring the destinations with much adventure and excitement. Talking about adventure, how one can forget speaking about the destination of the high passes which is Leh and ladakh. This location is not only attracting the youngsters from India but is also alluring adventure lover from all around the globe.

Basically, this is destination for bikers, trekkers, and backpackers. The high passes in this destination is no doubt the best for giving the thrilling adventure of biking and trekking high on the hilly treks.

The royal land of Rajasthan

Apart from adventure, tranquillity, and party, there are some youngsters who love enjoying the royal treatment, and visiting the fascinating historical forts. Rajasthan is perfect destination for history lovers who are having much interest in the royal history of Golden Rajasthan.

This royal land is full of several historical forts, palaces, along with the unuttered stories of bravery and sacrifices. Also, the fun on the sand dunes is next level. This royal state along with comprising of several untold historical stories is also offering the young hearts with numerous exciting activities.

Himachal Pradesh - Explore the heights

Young heart with love for nature also loves exploring the snow capped mountains of the Himachal Pradesh. The Himachal Pradesh is the state adorned with mountains covered with snow providing the best destination place to young peoples allowing them to explore the hilly treks of Himalayan.

There are several points available in this destination place which are ideal for providing the young people the opportunity to gain the most prestigious and unique touring of the hilly trek.

Seven sisters – North East

The seven sisters of North east includes Mizoram, Tripura, Assam, Meghalay, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh. This attractive land of India is having mesmeric landscape which is attracting people from across the world. The fabulous lifestyles, cultural diversity, unique lifestyle, and endearing ethnicity alluring the millennial looking for natural beauty, serenity, tranquil, along with fun and excitement.


This destination place is often considered to be ideal for spirituality seekers, but is ideal location for nature admirers, and adventure lovers. The river rafting in strong waves of Ganga and trekking on the hilly treks of Kedarnath, or many more places offers thrilling experience to youngsters.     

The bottom line

So these are some of the best destination in India for Young adults!






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