Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Athletes maintaining their work-life balance.

 For the viewers, the athletes have their passion and they are following it, also they have their particular sports to play from which they earn good money. But sometimes it becomes difficult for the athletes to pay attention to their sports, career or to their family or personal life as well as other priorities in their life. The athletes have a strict schedule to follow like they have to train daily, to be in form, they have to workout to keep their body in shape and also they need to follow a strict diet, for their sports [game]. In some cases the athletes have to look after their family and also if they have any other particular needs.

In order to maintain a good balance between their career [ work] and their other needs like their family, they should know these few tips which will help them in maintaining a perfect work-life-balance. Achieving the work-life-balance can vary from person to person as well as from the athlete to athlete, therefore it can be adjusted by the individuals according to their work life priorities.

Sachin R Tendulkar : also known as GOD of cricket.

                                                                                                  Sachin tendulkar came into highlight after his debut match which was a test match against Pakistan in the year 1989.  He was just 16 years old, he also became the youngest player in india to play a international test match. He also became first cricketer to score 35 centuries in a test play. Indian media started addressing him as god of cricket after a Australian famous cricketer Matthew Hayden said “ today I saw a god playing, he plays at number 4 for Indian cricket team”. From then till now he is still known as the god of cricket. He is also known as the master blaster.

After having such a tight schedule, the intense training routines, and also a strict diet to follow he was able to remove the time for his family. It would be difficult to manage such a hectic schedule and then give time to your personal life, sachin said even if he had to go overseas to play the matches for india cricket team even after the late night flights and travelling he used to try hard to talk to his wife daily.

Sachin said “ Sara and Arjun are the two precious diamonds of my life. They’ve already grown up, my son is 16 and my son is 14. I wanted to spend occasions like their birthdays, their annual , sports  days, weekends and a lot more. Whatever ive missed out on all these things. Thanks for your understanding. Both of you have been so special to me you cannot imagine. I promise you that for 14 and 16  I struggled to spend time with you, but the next 16 or even more than that everything is for you.”

Even after being a big famous cricketer he retired to give time to his family, even after having a hectic day he used try to spend time with his family. By the admiring sachin we can learn a lot from him that how did he balanced his work-life-balance. The fame, success that sachin has achieved in his cricket career is a example of maintaining work-life-balance. He knew when he should go rough on the game as in go in a full work mode and when to be present for his family.

By maintaining the work-life-balance it means prioritizing the work and life [family] accordingly, not sacrificing one for another.

Work– the athletes should be able to maximize their outputs in their particular games and not sacrificing it for their family it is the real meaning of maintaining a work-life-balance in case of the athletes. The athletes should be committed to their sports/ work. The athletes should know why they are playing , what is stopping them to be a better version of themselves, a mindset like these will lead to the maximizing the performance.

If a athlete is not showing commitment to his sports or if he is not dedicated enough for the game, he is failing to maintain the work-life-balance.  The main aim of maintaining a work-life-balance is to work properly with full commitment, dedication and maximizing his work performance as well being on the other hand giving proper time to his families and other needs.

The athletes should focus on their gameplay and also they should learn new skills which will come handy to them while playing the game. A athlete is not just only a person playing the sports he also has a family to look after and he also has his personal needs. Therefore is it is important for a athlete to be able to maintain a good work-life-balance.

Family– As earlier mentioned in this article the main aim of maintaining a work-life-balance is to try maximizing their outputs into their field and also being able to spend some time for their family, it does not mean sacrificing one thing for another. In order to maintain a work-life-balance for a athlete, one must be able to work hard for his career and game and also being available for his family. The athletes also has a family , be it parents, grandparents, partner , child. Whom he is supposed to take care of.

  It is important for an athlete to give commitment to both the family as well as the sports or work. A athlete must be able to spare some time for his family while maintaining his career that’s when a athlete is admired by many viewers as he is doing well in his career and as well as in his personal life. He is able to maintain a good work-life-balance.

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